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dying hair for first time

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AprilShowers16 Sun 07-Feb-16 21:20:29

I am 29 and considering starting to dye my hair as I have quite a lot of greys which seem to be getting worse. I'm expecting my first baby soon and feeling pretty unattractive so hoping this might help freshen me up a bit.

I've got dark brown hair and bought some hair dye from Superdrug that seems to match my hair colour, is recommended for Grey coverage - think its called loreal casting creme gloss.

My hair dressers said they could do a semi permanent for £35. Realistically I wouldn't be able to afford to get it done often and find it hard enough to find time to get my hair cut anyway.

Just wondered what people would recommend and if I should just go for doing it at home? I don't want it to look fake or go wrong. Is it easy to do? Does anyone regularly do similar?

Thank you smile

dietstartstmoz Sun 07-Feb-16 21:33:36

I dye mine myself at home and have done for years. It is fairly easy to do and looks fine.
My hairdresser told me to use a toothbrush (new one!). I mix it as per the instructions in an old dish, then put the gloves on and use the toothbrush to do the 'roots' bit. It allows you to target the grey and you can layer it through your hair. Once i have done the roots, the visible bit in my parting where the grey is obvious, i then snap the end off the bottle, as instructed, and put this on and rub it through to the ends. Then i tie it up in a bobble for the 25 mins.
Once tied up i chuck the gloves, bottle, box etc and wait and then jump in the shower and rinse out and wash my hair twice.
It can be a bit messy and if you spill any it will stain, but does wipe off tiles and the sink etc. wear a towel around your shoulders too, an old oneyou dont mind getting ruined.
Go for it! It will be fine and a whole lot cheaper than the hairdresser.

babyboyHarrison Sun 07-Feb-16 21:46:15

If you put a bit of Vaseline around the edge of your hairline it stops it staining your skin, helpful if you are new to it.

Horsemad Sun 07-Feb-16 21:59:14

Can I ask, do the home dyes cover the greys better than salon ones?

Last time I had mine done at the salon I could still see a difference where the grey was on my parting.

The hairdresser was saying 'it looks lovely, great coverage' and I was thinking 'I can see a lightness along the parting, why can't you?' confused

Have toyed with the idea of doing it myself but worried I'll cock it up! grin

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