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Best lip balm?

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MeadowHay Sat 06-Feb-16 20:42:21

I know there have been loads of threads about this before, but my lips are always dry and chapped in the winter months. I frequently apply lip balm, atm mostly either bog-standard Nivea cream, or the Hemp roll-on lip balm from the Body Shop. But neither of these seem to be really making it any better long-term, I just seem to constantly be reapplying and they're not getting worse but not better either. I'm going to buy a lip scrub and see if that helps too, but lip balm recommendations? Tinted ones would be good too. Also would like it not to have been tested on animals.

SalmonMaki Sat 06-Feb-16 21:32:47

Thread about Nuxe lip balm, which gets my vote too!

WhatamessIgotinto Sat 06-Feb-16 22:15:51

Plain old Vaseline!

Freezingwinter Sat 06-Feb-16 22:18:07

Carmex all the way! I think they do a tinted one, but I prefer the original. Put enough on and it's glossy.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHorrid Sat 06-Feb-16 22:18:24

Oh I sympathise. I'm currently liking Blistex Relief Cream.

It's the only thing that's helped me this winter.

mrslebon Sat 06-Feb-16 22:25:36

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skin Protectant. I couldn't live without it.

zeddybrek Sat 06-Feb-16 22:29:47

Another vote for Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skin Protectant. I have even used Lansinoh that popular lanolin nipple cream and that worked just as well as the 8 hour cream! Oh no, does that make me weird.

PandoraLovesGin Sat 06-Feb-16 22:33:23

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour skin protectant like PP. Without sounding dramatic - it gets me through winter.

Optimist1 Sat 06-Feb-16 22:34:53

Carmex! One application sees me through the day and another one at night. I am eminently kissable!

GnomeWare Sat 06-Feb-16 22:35:05

Vaseline before bed, every single night. I usually spend winter chewing dry skin off my lips (I know, lovely), but not this winter. If you rub it into your hands each night it sorts your nails out too!

Wolpertinger Sat 06-Feb-16 22:37:39

I don't usually use any lip balm. Lips were horrendous and I found an old vaseline at the bottom of a bag.

Lips were back to normal 24 hours later after applying over and over, next day cut down on how often I needed to reapply and it's been magic. Now just twice a day and will prob give up again in a few days.

mrslebon Sat 06-Feb-16 22:39:34

P.S. Elizabeth Arden on half price at Superdrug too! Tempted to buy more even though I already have two tubes on the go...

GrouchyKiwi Sat 06-Feb-16 22:41:18

The Dr Organic range at Holland & Barrett has some good ones. I like the tea tree oil and aloe vera ones, especially because they hardly have a taste.

I am extremely fussy about lip balms. Avon NZ made this absolutely perfect one with aloe vera and my Mum would post me across 10 at a time to keep me going. They've stopped making them now. angry

leadrightfoot Sat 06-Feb-16 22:41:30

Nivea lip care or Vaseline aloe Vera have many in all coats bags etc works a treat

eurochick Sat 06-Feb-16 22:49:57

Nivea lip butter is lovely.

Gunting Sat 06-Feb-16 22:54:11

Blistex relief cream for very chapped lips.

Burts bees pomegranate is also good and smells lovely

msrisotto Sat 06-Feb-16 23:03:02

I like the palmers cocoa butter lip balm. I thought petroleum jelly was drying?

Devora Sat 06-Feb-16 23:15:42

Vaseline works for me.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 06-Feb-16 23:17:36

BodyShop Lip Scuff ( abrasive stick) or Lush Lip Exfoliant (messy, but I use in the shower) in a jar.

Burts Bees (I have a Pomegranate one, slightly pinky) in my handbag
Neals Yard (freebie from a magazine) in my workbag (it's chocolate orange flavour but I don't like the flavour so I don't lick it off. Bonus)

VivaDevaVegas Sat 06-Feb-16 23:19:48

Burts bees the honey one is my favourite and works a treat.

mrsvilliers Sun 07-Feb-16 07:57:02

Eve Lom Kiss Mix. I have constantly dry lips and anything else just feels like it is sitting on top of my lips, or worse, makes them feel greasy but still dry. This works a treat. It isn't cheap, but you can pick up half price ones after Christmas if you decide you're addicted like it.

FrustratedFrugal Sun 07-Feb-16 08:48:32

I've tried lots and my favorites are a simple no-name beeswax-based one from the natural store. Badger Balms and Reve de Miel from Nuxe are also great for overnight use. Burt's Bees is on my use-up pile but would not repurchase - the pomegranate one has a weird bitter vegetal taste iirc and I have another one (peppermint?) that makes my lips tingle. Not a fan of vaseline-based balms, I find them drying. I do, however, sometimes put Aquaphor on DD's lips when they are extremely chapped.

Mumteedum Sun 07-Feb-16 08:55:37

I use blistex if they're really dry. Once they're better I have a bit of a collection.blush

I've gone off lipstick, so if I want colour, I have Burt's bees lip shimmer which all taste the same. The names are for the colour. Fig is lovely darker red. Rhubarb v bright and apricot is lovely nude colour.

Then for really glossy I like lanolips. They do a fabulous banana one as well as a tinted one.

Then for no colour just protection, Holland and Barratt do gorgeous flavoured ones. Forgot brand name but I've got cola and gingerbread.

M&s has some nice ones too in pots but I find pots a faff.

Grelton Sun 07-Feb-16 09:12:35

Burts Bees (pomegranate my choice). Simple, doesn't go sticky or gloopy, you can use it right until the end. They do tinted versions too.

uhtremadol1983 Fri 08-Apr-16 09:54:23

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