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Swimsuit or long tankini 34ff size 12 please please help bra people

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Serenite Fri 05-Feb-16 22:07:06

Hi I posted a few weeks ago on this topic to get some ideas and people were really helpful. But I'm still not sorted and I've tried in so many swimsuits and tankini a!!

The background is I've lost weight, from an 18/20 to a 12/14 (mostly 12) (and that's the problem- I'm so used shopping to disguise 'problem areas' I don't know what to get!!) please give me some links.

So I'm going on holiday next week, will have 14 month old to look after. It's a family holiday. I can't wear a bikini (never have and body issues) so it's a massive big thing For me to try and get a swimsuit that I feel good in. Will be in the baby pool etc. I want to feel all the hard work and dieting has been worth it; in my mind I don't feel any smaller than before. I'd love to look slim and fit and feel great. I'm blonde, 5''6 pale but will have fake tan on (worried about this in the pool!)

I think a halter neck would suit me, it looks a bit different and even sexy but I need bust support. I got fitted today at bravissimo as 34ff - but don't feel like anything fitted me, it's the same size I worse when I was a stone and a half heavier and the cups felt empty (I was trying to get a strapless bra) but came away with nothing - no strapless bra and no swimsuits (didn't like them)

I can't spend a fortune either. My under bust measurement is 33, over bust 39.

Any ideas please would be so welcome and thank you in advance.

KatharinaRosalie Sat 06-Feb-16 07:23:38

How about

this looks pretty

I had Panache Veronica swimsuit for baby swim classes, which is very supportive and flattering
Can't find the swimsuit in 34FF but I was a 14 when I wore mine, and it's in 32 back size, so that might work for you too

waddleandtoddle Sat 06-Feb-16 07:40:46

I'm similar sizing and invested in a bikini top that was my bra size - from Marks & Sparks in fact - and I wear that under my bikini or swim costume for support. It made a world of difference and has also meant I can vary what I wear too. Maybe an idea?

DianaT1969 Sat 06-Feb-16 07:55:02

How about Panache halter tankini
Available in 34ff

Or Freya black tankini in your size.

Cheaper halter tankini underwired

For more coverage on the bust, but still supporive as it is a control suit:

Did you try a lightly padded suit at Bravissimo? Worth a try if not perhaps.

If you are going next week. Buy quite a few today with the aim of returning the ones which don't work during the week. It would be terrible to have lost all this weight and go away without swimwear you feel good in.

TerrorAustralis Sat 06-Feb-16 08:41:26

Halter necks are flattering, but I found they were really bad for my neck. Basically the weight of your boobs is pulling your neck forwards.

I'd go for a deep V neck, or sweetheart. Still flattering to big boobs and much more comfortable. I think the striped one Diana posted is lovely.

Given your measurements, try going down a size and up a cup size. You might get more support that way.

This one looks really supportive if you prefer a plain colour.

Good luck!

Katz Sat 06-Feb-16 08:44:21

I have the electric blue and green tankini linked to in the first post and I'm a 34GG and 14. It's great, I wear it to do Aqua Zumba and it supportive but also covers up what I don't want to show off.

Serenite Sun 07-Feb-16 22:48:45

Hi - just an update and to acknowledge all the assistance I had on this post.

I've ordered a fantasie tankini from Leia; I was choosing between two in the end but, fingers crossed, this one will work. I had to order it in a 34f, not a 34ff but to get the full size I'd have had to pay full price, nearly £35 more. So I hope it fits and looks as nice as possible 😬
I got the matching bottoms from a different site, as Leia didn't have my size. I'm really excited though - even saying that I ordered 'the bottoms' makes me feel like I'm going to be in a bikini - even though I'm not, and certain body issues mean that I wouldn't wear one now, but it just feels different to a swimsuit - or maybe I've never put so much effort into finding one before. Always had a supermarket swimsuit with no bra support, which were good but this (I hope) will justify the cost and efforts!! Goes to show also I could have done that when I was a bigger size, and who knows, I may have felt better about myself. The weight loss is strange as I don't really see myself as that much smaller but I've lost stones and gone down dress sizes too. Body image is so much in our minds.

Am thinking now of a spray tan -a bit warily - not sure how it might wear if I'm in the water with my baby or if I'd need to scrub it off and get a second one done on holiday. I do wear fake tan, just never had a spray one. I'd usually do st tropez and maintain with johnsons gradual tanner when I'm there. Would anybody have any thoughts or a recommendation of which spray tan to get?

In any event, I really appreciate the help I got, especially from Diana, on both threads about my quest for a swimsuit!!!

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