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Where can I find a silver chain necklace with a toggle clasp?

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timemaychangeme Fri 05-Feb-16 21:23:57

Just that really. My dream necklace is the Hermes Chaine de Ancre necklace but don't think that will happen unless family member wins the lottery. But I would like a short chunky but not too chunky silver chain with a toggle clasp. I have no idea where to start looking. Any ideas? My budget is £100 max. Any help would be great.

ledgeoffseason Fri 05-Feb-16 21:40:17

Maybe like a chunky silver Albert chain?

timemaychangeme Fri 05-Feb-16 21:56:16

I've just had to google Albert chain as never heard of them. But yes, similar to that I guess.
This is my 'dream' necklace. So something along the lines of this would be great.

ledgeoffseason Mon 08-Feb-16 09:27:55

They were super popular in Northern Ireland as the 18th birthday present of choice, 20 years ago, meaning there are lots of antique ones and modern ones knocking around here... Maybe try some antique jewellers? Also called watch chains, they do come in all shapes and sizes.

Tia4 Mon 08-Feb-16 09:39:45

Those that I have were bought from Palenque. They're online but there's a gorgeous little shop in York if you're in UK. Good luck with your search!

timemaychangeme Mon 08-Feb-16 11:05:47

Thanks so much ledge and Tia. I'm not at all far from York actually smile About 45 mins drive. I've not heard of Palenque and will go look on their website. How interesting that they were so popular as 18th presents in Ireland. I've seen antique ones online but couldn't work out if they could be worn as necklaces. I will definitely investigate.

TollgateDebs Mon 08-Feb-16 14:55:44

Any decent jeweller can change the clasp for you, so buy a chain and then a silver toggle, which they should have or can easily get. I change fastenings all the time, as many find a toggle easier to close than more traditional clasps. There are some brilliantly designed toggles, so you can even make this a feature of the necklace.

timemaychangeme Mon 08-Feb-16 22:43:27

Tollgate thanks for that. Yes, I'd like the toggle to be a feature. I'm going to have a look on ebay and see what I can find.

BeBesideTheSea Mon 08-Feb-16 22:45:10

I'm sure I have seen something similar in Pia

SelfLoathing Mon 08-Feb-16 23:12:07

You're welcome.

timemaychangeme Mon 08-Feb-16 23:25:54

The Karen Millen one is really getting there. Am going to have a look at it when I go into town. Thanks Self. I've checked Pia BeBeside but couldn't spot one that was on the same lines though. Thanks for suggestion. They have some gorgeous things on there. Haven't heard of Pia.

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