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why do nice clothes cost so much??

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wickedfairy Fri 05-Feb-16 15:55:41

Was window shopping today in quite a nice department store - upper end of high street stuff (whistles, reiss, etc). There were lots of beautiful clothes but they were all so expensive...

£150 for a fine jumper, £70 nice scarf, etc. It's just all so expensive for shat it is. I'm all depressed now - I would like some nice, good quality clothes but I can't justify spending that much on something that doesn't even look like it would last that long...

What do you ladies do (the ones who don't pay those prices wink)? I know there is eBay, but I really need to try stuff on to see if it suits - can't really take the risk of paying up then it either looks shocking it doesn't fit.

I just want to look nice!

wickedfairy Fri 05-Feb-16 15:56:14

*shat = what


DragonRojo Fri 05-Feb-16 15:58:35

Only go to those stores during the sales

1moreglassplease Fri 05-Feb-16 16:23:22

Wicked - like you, I found it depressing until I learnt how to shop better, rather than more. I sign up to loyalty cards and websites so that I'm first to hear about sales or offers so that I can get what I want but (hopefully) with a discount. It pays to wait until the sales and if you stick to the classic stuff you'll wear it more and get more value from it, so from a cost per wear perspective, items can work out at good value. Buying online also means I can try stuff on with different things, check fit etc - but I'm ruthless about returning anything I'm not 100% about!

I tend to shop from these places for work or a special occasion so that I can justify the expense by saying I will wear it more. I also take good care of the items I own and am wearing stuff that is years old. I'll also mix it up with items from cheaper shops though.

The quality isn't always a lot better in more expensive places so I'll think long and hard about purchasing and where it will 'fit' into what I already have. That ultimately saves money because sometimes I'll walk away.

AmethystMoon Fri 05-Feb-16 17:08:33

Yes definitely wait for sales, but know what you want before sales begin, then you can pounce!
I go to discount shopping places, Gunwharf in Portsmouth, Bicester Village in Oxfordshire, Seasalt Sale shop in Falmouth etc.
Always check fabric content. Stick to natural fabrics which will last and equal lower cost per wear. Invest in basics you wear to death.
Wait for the very ends of sales when prices go very low.
Signup for emails so you get offers.
I wear mainly white company, jigsaw, Seasalt, GAP (denim & cashmere), hush, me and em, woolovers. Can't recall ever paying full price for anything. I have lots of great quality classic stylish pieces that mix and match. Stick to a colour palette to maximise how often you can wear something. I do navy, black, grey, cream, white with occasional teal, bottle green or rust.
This way I find I can afford nicer things. I could not just go into John Lewis and grab a beautiful scarf/ dress etc. At full ticket price, no way! However I might spy it, then pounce on line in the sales to have for the following year or to be honest our climate means I can wear most things for most of the year.
Sorry I am rambling on but I think all these things add up. I've adapted to this approach over the years and it's so nice now not to be constantly throwing away bobbly, tatty polyester crap. Oh and lastly look after things by washing correctly, storing well and doing things like de-bobbling knit wear, waterproofing leather and suede regularly. Oh and lots of anti moth precautions!

Robotgirl Fri 05-Feb-16 17:22:29

Charity shops in 'nice' areas.
I never buy new clothes for me & DD. Can't believe how many amazing labels are being charity-shopped these days. Love 'em
(From Brighton & London's charity shop queen) wink

wickedfairy Fri 05-Feb-16 17:27:15

Thank you all! Yes, you're right, I need to know what I want then grab in the sales.

I want to streamline my wardrobe and have good quality basics, things that will last. I will make an attempt to register with places online and keep an eye out for the sales.

I just don't know about online shopping - I suppose it helps if you know what style you look good in. I appear to be failing at that!

Orangeanddemons Fri 05-Feb-16 17:44:19

Buy better things less often. I used to buy from h and m, New Look etc, but I never ever wore the stuff. So it was just throwing money away. I buy a nice thing infrequently and wear it a lot. 👗

Floisme Fri 05-Feb-16 17:58:53

Most of my wardrobe is H&M, TK Maxx and Uniqlo but I mix in a few more expensive things and it does make a difference.

I do what others have said: sign up for email offers, buy in the sales and always ask for vouchers for birthdays and Christmas. I don't think TK Maxx is as good as it used to be but there are still odd gems to be found. I don't bother with charity shops any more as they're all shite where I live but I know other people swear by them.

I don't think you can make assumptions either. One of my favourite shops at the moment is Whistles but some of their quality is shocking. Equally, I've worn some of my H&M stuff for years.

I also wash my cheaper things as carefully as I do the so called good stuff e.g. in pillow cases and on gentle cycles - makes a big difference.

JolseBaby Fri 05-Feb-16 21:53:59

Patience and persistence!!

I think the issue is that it's finding the nice things, that are reasonably budget friendly. If you would usually buy a jumper for £10 then £150 just isn't happening.

Places where I have had success recently:

House of Fraser
Lots of sales, go when you have plenty of time. Be prepared to really look through everything and do lots of trying on.

Ditto as above.

TK Maxx
As above but even more so. Be prepared to really have a good old rummage through - and you need to be prepared to keep going back regularly as the good stuff will come and go quite quickly.

I don't have one near me but took a punt and ordered online. Two merino wool sweaters and managed to get both for £40 in the sale. Very pleased with these.

Per Una of all places - some really nice grey wool blend trousers. Their knitwear is also pretty good.

HeadSpaceAvailable Fri 05-Feb-16 22:05:42

As above, plus online sales where free delivery & return is offered.
This week I bought my DSD (as a very special gift whilst struggling in her final year at Uni) a seriously stylish black mohair jumper, jacquard purple wrap mini, black fringe suede ankle boots plus 2 pairs of opaque tights & a purple tassle necklace - all for under £100 from online clearances. She's delighted & feels classy not scruffy and I'm chuffed (ok, smug) at 70% savings!

Chocolateteabag Fri 05-Feb-16 22:18:39

Try the things you like on in the prices shops then if you can't manage to get them in the sales - set up a recurring search on eBay.

I often see particular "dresses" coming up usually after the wedding season. The LK Bennett Davina dress being one - nearly £200 new but you could get one for £80-100 soon after it came out and now more like £40-50.

If you know how a particular make fits/suits you it takes a lot more of the risk out of eBay

JolseBaby Fri 05-Feb-16 22:27:05

YY. I suit Phase Eight quite well. I've bought a couple of P8 things BNWT on eBay.

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