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beauty gift for my menopausal mum - ideas?

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RideTheLightning Fri 05-Feb-16 12:59:16

My mum is going through the menopause - hot flushes, excess hair, dry skin and body odour to name a few things. She's going away with her friends soon and I'd love to spoil her with a beauty gift set that (a) suits her needs and (b) looks/smells nice. Any ideas? She's lovely and I want to spoil her.

Also I'm not sure if she's aware of the body odour. I don't want to embarrass her but it's very obvious to me and I'm worried others around her may be unkind. How do I tell her gently? Or should I assume she's aware and doing the best she can, so shouldn't mention it?

PollyPerky Fri 05-Feb-16 13:08:58

Oh gosh- I'm old enough to be your mum or even your gran perhaps!

Tell your mum to see her dr and get herself on HRT! There is no need to put up with those horrors. Really.

If she smells you really ought to tell her.

Sorry I know this doesn't answer your questions but I just despair at women who put up with all this meno crap when HRT is, on the whole, for most women, very safe. And works!

ChinUpChestOut Fri 05-Feb-16 13:15:59

What a lovely thought! As a menopausal MNer myself, I can tell you that I would love something like a new wash bag with a few really nice things in it. Try a really good hand/body cream for her dry skin, and a rather luxurious shower gel. I've gone on to an organic brand (I'm overseas and I know this brand isn't available in the UK) and it just feels nice - no chemicals. You could also try booking her in for a manicure (if you think she'd like it) as my nails are split to pieces and a regular manicure is the only thing that seems to help.

Re the body odour - that's a tricky one. You could try bringing it into the conversation along the lines of "do you perspire a lot when you have a hot flush?" so that it looks like you're asking so you can know what to expect. Or, depending on your relationship with your Mum, you could make it sound like a one-off e.g.., "I think you might have to change out of that jumper/blouse today as I think you must have got really hot in it earlier - that one's not doing so good" - maybe with a little lighthearted grimace?

RideTheLightning Fri 05-Feb-16 19:39:00

Thanks both for taking the time to respond. Ah, so I really should mention it to her then. I'll try the subtle approach I think, perhaps ask her if she's considered HRT and go from there. I think a luxurious organic treat sounds perfect and not something she would normally buy for herself. Thank you.

cressetmama Fri 05-Feb-16 20:17:21

You are kind, and thoughtful! I'm even older than your mum; my meno passed some time back, but I have a 16 yo. One of the things I would maybe have enjoyed back then is a spray on called Magicool. It's a chiller in an aerosol from Asia (bought on Amazon originally but also in my local chemist in Devon). Not scented, not expensive, but it cools from room temperature, and in the middle of the night or a hormonal rush it would have been very welcome. And I think anything nice and youthful that you rate might please. It is very easy to slip into middle age and stop exploring the great new stuff out there. Do hope she is pleased!

slug Fri 05-Feb-16 21:02:08

This stuff is lovely for dry skin

RideTheLightning Fri 12-Feb-16 22:09:11

Thanks for all suggestions - very helpful

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