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Personal shopper - would you?

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LilyTheSavage Thu 04-Feb-16 20:49:55

My son is getting married this summer in our garden in France. I am trying to find something to wear. The styling/theme is elegant-rustic and my inclination is leaning towards a beautiful dress.

I was thinking about getting a personal shopper service from somewhere like John Lewis. Has anybody used this before and would you recommend it please?

Couldashouldawoulda Thu 04-Feb-16 21:46:36

Yes, I've used the JL personal shoppers in London, and they were very helpful. Well worth a try, anyway - there's no obligation to buy anything, and their returns policy is great too, if you get cold feet.

chicaguapa Thu 04-Feb-16 21:51:57

Yes, definitely. I've used JL and Debenhams. Both have been great. It's perfect for a wedding outfit or a wardrobe update. They make it look so easy.

LilyTheSavage Fri 05-Feb-16 11:50:56

Thanks very much. I'll make an appointment. It's so difficult to get the balance right and I would be more confident if I had some good advice.

Thanks very much for your replies.

mouldycheesefan Fri 05-Feb-16 11:53:08

Yes the John Lewis ones are very good have used them a lot

snowypenguin Fri 05-Feb-16 12:00:27

Agreed. JL are excellent. I have a function on today so have a dress on that they found for me. I'd never have chosen it but I feel a million dollars in it. Had lots of compliments already too

LilyTheSavage Fri 05-Feb-16 17:30:12

Thank you for your replies.

WhiteHairReally Fri 05-Feb-16 17:50:24

Just a little counterbalance. I've had several JL consultations over the years, and an impromptu Debenhams one too. Most were really helpful. My last JL one was not. She just went on and on about how good she was at her job and how useless the stock was on JL.
My advice would be to pick a consultation slot at the beginning of the season, when they have stock.
And, if you have a curvy Figure, consider Bombshell by Katya Wildman. ( not available at either JL or Debs)

LilyTheSavage Sat 06-Feb-16 06:57:37

Interesting. I think somebody just banging on about how good they were would be just tad irksome really piss me off.

I'll have a look at Bombshell. Good idea. Thank you.

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