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House of colour make up

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Favouritethings Thu 04-Feb-16 17:22:10

I have a hoc colour consultation tomorrow. I am SO excited. What is there make up like? I was thinking of purchasing some lipsticks and a blusher.

Hopefully Thu 04-Feb-16 17:30:12

I'm a consultant, so you may well wish to totally ignore me, but I really rate the lipstick, blusher and dual foundation in particular - almost all my clients buy a foundation and blusher. Lipstick depends on how traumatised they are by the colour! But they often come back for it once they get over the shock.

Favouritethings Thu 04-Feb-16 17:44:32

Thanks hopefully do the foundations give a good coverage? Once I know what colours suit, are there good hoc lipstick dupes that I could pick up in Boots for cheaper?

amazonianwoman Thu 04-Feb-16 18:09:43

I like the texture/feel of the lipsticks but they are full on, well the two I somehow bought are. I can see that they bring out the colour of my eyes, but not too sure they're 'me'. I'd prefer more defined/smoky eyes and more neutral lips. Haven't managed to pin my consultant down to go back and look at more subtle colours, if they exist.

amazonianwoman Thu 04-Feb-16 19:03:39

Hopefully what's the most neutral HOC lipstick suitable for an Autumn. I don't want anything with shimmer, or a lipgloss smile

GingerLemonTea Thu 04-Feb-16 20:08:54

I like the lipsticks and blusher tho I apply the lipsticks a bit lighter with lip brush as they are bright.

Casmama Thu 04-Feb-16 21:21:56

I rate the lipsticks too - not sure it's very fair to askmHopefully about dupes though grin
I would stock up while you're there though because I seem to remember postage from HOC website was quite high. Remember when you see the products on the website that you get (I think) 30% off that price when buying from your consultant or with your consultant code once you've been.

IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt Thu 04-Feb-16 21:35:10

I think that buying a bit of make up on a hoc day is a good idea personally. I agree that it can all be a bit of a shock. It was for me. I think a lipstick and some blusher is a great start.

Nowadays I prefer to buy other lipsticks to be honest as I'm fussy about the formulation. But for me the great thing about hoc make up is that you can be sure that it will be for your very own season. Of course there are thousands of lippies sold by other companies that will suit. But it can sometimes take a while for you to get your eye in and know what to buy.

I say this as someone that only started to wear lipstick every day about three years ago having had my colours done about ten years ago. Just couldn't get my head around it.

Favouritethings Thu 04-Feb-16 22:16:31

I will buy some hoc make up tomorrow, but without buying it all how will I remember the shades which suit? I need a wallet of lipstick shades too!

IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt Thu 04-Feb-16 22:22:41

With any luck once you know your season and see your colours all will start to become clear. For example, I am a bright blue spring. I look best in warm, clear, bright colours. My lipstick needs to be warm, clear and bright too. If a lipstick is cool toned I know it's wrong. If it's muted it's wrong, etc.

I'm not sure how easy it is to see online but I think the hoc make up is classified by season so that could help you. There are also loads of Pinterest boards with similar info.

Casmama Thu 04-Feb-16 22:24:33

You will get a fair idea from your consultation and your ability to tell from looking at it, especially on, develops over time.
Spring colours tend to be warm and brigh eg coral, Autumn are also warm but tend to be deeper and a bit more muted.
Winter colours are strong, cool toned colours whereas summer colours are also cool but more muted.

IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt Thu 04-Feb-16 22:25:21

Have a look at Johanna on pin also.

Favouritethings Thu 04-Feb-16 22:30:29

Will take a look, thank you. I've sounded a bit silly with my questions, I'm sure it will all become a bit clearer tomorrow!

midnightmoomoo Thu 04-Feb-16 22:59:04

I find the lipsticks a bit drying to be honest, but I always have the original shade I bought at my consultation on the go as it's such a good colour for me. Blusher also spot on. I had the foundation years ago which was also good. Enjoy it, have fun but prepared to be shocked by the lippy colours!!!

Hopefully Fri 05-Feb-16 05:14:25

Amazonian I find 491 a really useful neutral, a good 'my lips but better' shade. Nothing alarming about it!

Holly34 Fri 05-Feb-16 05:50:14

Make sure you buy a Red Lipstick! wink

amazonianwoman Fri 05-Feb-16 09:27:02

Thanks Hopefully, looks good! It isn't too sparkly shimmery is it?

Frostycake Fri 05-Feb-16 10:02:00

Your consultant will give you a booklet with their make-up range in it so you'll be able to choose from 'your' colours.

I love the make up although the lipstick is a shock. I use a lip brush to apply it and then add a gloss <HOC Blue Spring here> grin

You'll really enjoy it. Good luck!

Frostycake Fri 05-Feb-16 10:04:17

Once you've been 'done' (makes it sound like you're having your balls cut off!) you'll instantly know which make up is 'right' for example, is it warm and bright? Light and cool? bright and cool? warm and muted? All will become clear tomorrow.

I spent a shed load on clothes, accessories and make up following my session.

Hopefully Fri 05-Feb-16 11:48:26

amazonion it gas literally the tiniest bit of shimmer, but I have really really pale colourless lips (so all lip colour looks stronger than it is and sparkle/shimmer is v obvious) and it doesn't look shimmery at all on me from more than about two inches away.

Favouritethings Fri 05-Feb-16 18:01:53

I bought 3 lipsticks, inc red. I'm an Autumn Leaf! Had a fabulous day!

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