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What's good for thinning hair?

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NightWanderer Thu 04-Feb-16 07:51:41

My mum is very concerned about her hair thinning. She is in her late 60s. I don't know if there is much she can do but does anyone have any suggestions?

Floisme Thu 04-Feb-16 08:37:54

It's starting to happen to me too so I really sympathise. Someone recommended flaxseed oil so I've been taking that for the last 6-8 months. I can't honestly say I've noticed much difference but your mum may want to try it.

Also I don't know about your mum but the other thing that helps me is thinking about worst case scenarios. If mine gets really bad, I intend to get my head shaved, Vivienne Westwood style. Just having a plan helps me deal with it.

missmartha01 Thu 04-Feb-16 08:46:14

I've got thinning hair and I've found the thing that's helped me more than anything is getting a good cut and a good colour from a reputable stylist.

I pay quite a lot, but it's worth every penny. I have known women who more or less put their heads in a paper bag, but really there are practice things you can do and it helps getting a stylist on side. I love mine, flipping brilliant.

Lots of luck for your mum btw, maybe she should get a health check too, it's always worth talking to her gp about this.

Birdsgottafly Thu 04-Feb-16 08:46:24

Have you looked on the menopause section on here? It might be covered.

I'm post menopause and take a cheaper version of 'Skin/Hair and Nails' supplements, they've defiantly helped my nails.

I lost hair whilst going through the menopause, I started taking those supplements and it's growing back/thickening up.

I was told by an Indian woman, who threads my DDs eyebrows, that they use Sesame oil, as overnight treatments, but any nut oil, will do.

My DD used it on her eyebrows and thin hair (due to PCOS) and it worked for her.

I've been looking at a range on QVC, that makes each strand of hair look three times thicker, if there's no difference, you can send it back.

Birdsgottafly Thu 04-Feb-16 08:49:24

Agree with 'Missmartha01', I got mine cut and I set it in dog rollers overnight, it's a bit 'Goldie Hawn', but it was a thinning fuzzy mess.

Birdsgottafly Thu 04-Feb-16 08:51:40

Soft not dog

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 04-Feb-16 08:54:51

Taking notes as I am sure that after years of taking my thick hair for granted now the areas at the hairline above my temples have less hair. Or the hair there is getting finer or something.

Borninthe60s Thu 04-Feb-16 09:03:31

Same happening to my mum. She's bought a very expensive bottle of shampoo from boots, asked for vitamins at health food shop, had it cut shorter and as she was grey she's had a few dark natural looking highlights put in. All of this is helping.

NightWanderer Thu 04-Feb-16 11:34:56

Thanks! Her hair has always been quite short and she prefers grey. She's been trying different shampoos and brushes but nothing has helped much. I will mention the supplements. She has a lot of health checks for her diabetes and high blood pressure.

littlewoollypervert Thu 04-Feb-16 11:37:05

I home colour and I've found the Olia range is really good. If I let the roots grow a bit, my hair looks much thinner.

Also I have been styling my hair each morning since NY with my Babyliss Big hair - it adds volume and makes it smoother, so it looks thicker.

Fluckle Thu 04-Feb-16 11:38:45

There's a product called Bouffe that you can get in some branches of Boots (and online I think) thats great for thinning hair. It's a 'temporary fix' in that you spray it in, it makes hair look thicker, and then washes out, but it works miracles. My mum swears by it.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 04-Feb-16 12:28:16

I just mentioned this thread to someone and she said she heard a silk pillowcase is the answer. I don't know if she's muddling tangy hair with thinning hair?

NotJanine Thu 04-Feb-16 12:35:29

I've been losing hair for quite a few years (prob since before 40). Was told by my GP that the only thing that could possibly help was a treatment like Regain. I think you have to use it twice a day every day. Plus you have to use it for 3 months to see if it works.
Couldn't be bothered with all that faff, so I've just accepted it instead and am thankful that it is 'just one of those things' rather than the sign of a health problem.

Use clever ways of styling to disguise it or if all else fails, a hat or a wig.

lovingmatleave Thu 04-Feb-16 13:30:09

Check out Nioxin shampoo and conditioner range. doesn't stop hair loss but designed for thinning hair

P1nkP0ppy Thu 04-Feb-16 13:32:56

It might be thyroid related, I suggest she asks her GP to check levels.

Twistmyarm Thu 04-Feb-16 13:39:03

I've noticed my hair is much thicker following a low carb diet. My hairdresser commented that I've got a lot of new growth.
This follows years of high fibre/ low fat eating.
-- --Sadly it's not just my hair that is fat

Dowser Thu 04-Feb-16 15:01:44

I've put myself on nutri's adrenal support and nutri adrenal max. Despite my blood work coming back with good results, I still had TATT. So, I'm taking those tablets and am feeling quite a bit better. Let's see if my hair gets any thicker.

I'm also taking one drop of nascent iodine a day.

If its going to work its going to be a long slow process as this hair loss did not happen overnight.

If it halts it in its tracks it's liveable with. I've always had fine straight hair and plenty of it. I don't like this thinner version of my hair. I take a lot of supplements and I eat well too!

Dowser Thu 04-Feb-16 15:03:15

I eat very low carb , have done for four years and can't say my hair is any thicker on account of it.

It is lovely and shiny though and there's still not much grey despite being mid 60s

timemaychangeme Thu 04-Feb-16 15:30:53

Mine has always been very fine and thin but since late 40s it has thinned on the crown and sides. It was bad enough for GP to refer me to dermatologist. She said iron, while OK in terms of not anaemic, was too low to support hair growth (said they needed to be as near to 100 as poss) and mine was 35. Also tested vit D which was very low. Have been on ferrous fumerate tabs 120mg twice a day and vit D supplements ( can't remember dose as am not at home). I also added in biotin and silica supps as had heard good things. Dermatologist also prescribed nioxin drops to put on each day but I didn't use it as worried about my very sensitive/allergy prone skin. Anyhow it has stopped falling out and is less fragile now. It's never going to be good hair but at least shedding is under control. It took around 18 months to see any improvement though in my case.

littlewoollypervert Thu 04-Feb-16 15:36:50

Oh I also found that since I got my hair cut from long to just-above-the-shoulder length bob, I seem to lose much less hair in the shower and when I brush it.

I don't know if it's breaking less, or there's less weight on it to pull out loose hairs, but a couple of years ago I used to have to clear the plughole after every shower and now I might lose only 2 or 3 hairs while washing it.

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