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Acid toner for dry skin

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AmberNectarine Wed 03-Feb-16 21:35:03

I keep hearing great things about acid toners but my skin is prone to dryness (to the point of being flaky - sexy) and I'm worried about stripping it!

Can anyone recommend an acid toner for dry skin? Does such a thing even exist?

Thanks in advance!

Jmangel Wed 03-Feb-16 21:41:03

Nip and fab glycolic pads are good as they also have hyaluronic acid in them. Try using twice a week only for the first week and if you're really worried, rinse off with water after using around 20 minutes later and then moisturise so the contact time is reduced. Then just increase up to nightly without any rinsing.

maybemyrtle Wed 03-Feb-16 23:26:12

Glycolic could actually help with the flaking. I have dry skin too and I like the Pixi glow pads, m&s stock them. Just be sure to avoid BHAs eg salicylic because they will be drying.

Destinysdaughter Thu 04-Feb-16 00:26:50

These do worry me a bit as aren't they essentially just stripping a layer of skin off your face? Long term they can't be good, surely...?

VocationalGoat Thu 04-Feb-16 00:50:30

I have very dry skin... I swear by Paula's Choice once a week AHA lotion treatment. You just wipe it on your face like a toner, once a week and the results are beautiful.

It is one of the best investments I've ever made for my skin. Long term, it has really improved the quality of my skin.

VocationalGoat Thu 04-Feb-16 00:50:50

katesmith25 Thu 04-Feb-16 06:05:43

Acid toners are like taking your face to the gym. Different strengths and different acids do different things. Use acid toner including Lactic (AHA) which is helping in resurfacing your face and great for dehydrated and dry skin.

AmberNectarine Thu 04-Feb-16 08:12:14

Thanks all for the recommendations. I like the idea of the pads - will give them a whirl!

Lottapianos Thu 04-Feb-16 08:14:20

I'm dry and dehydrated and get along very well with the Nip and Fab Glycolic pads. I use at night about 5 times a week. I have almost zero flakiness now smile

AmberNectarine Thu 04-Feb-16 08:55:09

Have ordered the nip and fab ones, thank you (on offer at ASOS at the moment for fans!)

Lottapianos Thu 04-Feb-16 09:36:05

Thanks for the tip Amber - I'm in need of refreshing my stocks so I'm off to the ASOS website now grin

NiteFlights Thu 04-Feb-16 10:26:12

The Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix pads are good but if your skin is anything like mine, make sure you get the ones without alcohol as this can be irritating and drying.

I like the Olay toner in the purple bottle.

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Thu 04-Feb-16 10:34:21

It's not that kind of acid grin

Acid toners are the gentler way of exfoliating- think of that horrific sand Aapri apricot scrub stuff we all subjected ourselves to, it does that resurfacing job in a more gentle way.

I have the Nip and Fab glycolic and before I got them I had a Boots Time Delay toner which doesn't "sell" itself as an acid toner, but also does the job.

Before that I had a cheap as chips Olay one £3.99 (anti ageing toner)

These are what has made the biggest difference to my dry and aged face over the last year.

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