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Mood dressing and colour/capsule-ish

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candykane25 Wed 03-Feb-16 15:58:48

I have taken the wardrobe doors off - they were inherited and big and heavy and didn't shut properly.
So all my clothes are on view. Bit like a bedroom sized wall in wardrobe!
On a whim I've just rearranged all my clothes into colour blocks rather than all jumpers together, all blouses together etc.
In winter I wear black, monochrome and jewel tones and in summer I wear blue, grey, tauped and splashes of colour like coral, yellow, green.
My wardrobe is now on ombré with Backs/monochrome going into reds/purples, then green/blurs, then grey/tauped and then a free for pattern section with the brights.
It looks great. It's not split into weather or seasons or smart or casual, it's just colour.
It's made me realise I am a mood dresser and colour plays the main factor.
It's not exactly capsule but it looks much better.
Why have I never done this before!

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