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Hair! I know its been done to death, but help!

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originalmavis Wed 03-Feb-16 08:19:33

Hair like brillo pad, scalp scaly and very dry!

My hair is naturally kinky - not curly and not straight. I just can't control it especially in the winter.

At work I need to look presentable human. I've tried about every shampoo, conditioner, serum and potion.

Wig, large hat, hijab?

Vixxfacee Wed 03-Feb-16 08:21:53

I've started putting Argan oil, castor oil and coconut oil on my hair. Drenching it then plaiting and going to bed. It has helped it grow and when I wash and blow dry it it is more silky and I don't have to spend a much time with the straighteners.

22OntarioStreet Wed 03-Feb-16 09:34:59

I stopped washing mine with shampoo and it looks so much better.

I use a silicon free conditioner, rub it into my hair and scalp and put a shower cap on while I do everything else. Then rinse it well.

It's gone wavy now, seems much healthier and still looks clean. My scalp's still a bit dry but nothing like it was before.

My mum uses this shampoo from Lush though and says it helps her scalp psoriasis.

She uses be super balm on the worst bits too

mummyejbx Wed 03-Feb-16 09:42:54

Don't wash it often.
Try to lay off straighteners or curlers..
I second that coconut oil or Argan oil and plaited before bed is brilliant.

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