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PLEASE...I beseech a hairdresser phobe out!

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OhPudding Tue 02-Feb-16 19:13:40

OK <deep breath>...I need help searching online for a pic to take to the hairdressers next week of a nice style and failing to find anything thats quite right.

I'm a mid-thirties hairdresser-phobe - haven't been for 18 months, since the last one cut in some hideous choppy layers and gave me a very short fringe angry. I looked like a member of Metallica. Not joking.

At the moment I've got long (bra strap length), dead-straight, brunette hair. Fine, but lots of it, so appears thick (but if you cut loads of shitty choppy layers in, it really thins it I discovered 18 months ago). My fringe has grown out and is now about chin length.

I want a good trim, a long, soft side fringe...maybe some soft layers at the front so I can have a bit of shape when I blow-dry it.But NO layers in the rest of it.

But that sounds vague (hairdresser fear), so would really like a pic to show the stylist exactly what I want. Except I dont know what i want...I just know I sort of want what I just said. Oh fuck grin.

Help? Please?

ooosaidooo Tue 02-Feb-16 20:24:33

Are you on pintrest? there are loads and loads of hair pictures on there, I took several to the hairdressers last time including some pictures to show what I definitely did NOT want!

Have you met the hairdresser who will be doing you hair or have you just booked blind? I always think it's a good idea to at least meet them and see if you click, also if you like how they style themselves etc.

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