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Children's tights!

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PodClock Mon 01-Feb-16 19:10:12

Can anyone recommend brands of tights that don't go all saggy and threadbare, and that have shaped feet?

I need to get school tights, and also fun tights for weekends.

Wondering whether spending more money guarantees better quality tights (thinking of getting them in somewhere like Polarn o Pyret) or whether I should just accept that they will all end up baggy and saggy, and just buy the cheapest possible.

Where does everyone else buy school tights? I need navy, black or grey.

Passthecake30 Mon 01-Feb-16 19:12:21

M&S don't have shaped feet, I have no idea who Polam o Pyret is (sheltered life?!)

slebmum1 Mon 01-Feb-16 19:13:28

John Lewis. Absolutely worth the money. Cheap ones from tesco / sainsburys are a flare economy.

slebmum1 Mon 01-Feb-16 19:13:56


PodClock Mon 01-Feb-16 19:24:47

I will try John Lewis.

I thought Polarn o Pyret was well known, as friends seem to swear by them - my SIL in particular is always going on about them and buys all her DC's clothes from there.

Greengardenpixie Mon 01-Feb-16 20:27:29

Next tights. Fantastic. Never go baggy and they have outlive all other tights. Never a hole to be seen grin

dreamerlemur Mon 01-Feb-16 23:13:33

Have to vote for John Lewis , even the cream /white ones wash as if new every time.

PodClock Tue 02-Feb-16 09:36:20

I think I will go with John Lewis, that is 2 recommendations. (Or maybe one pack from JL and one from Next, and I can properly compare which are best grin)

Bouncey Tue 02-Feb-16 10:24:23

John Lewis are pretty good. I think Jojo maman are the best in terms of durability.

PodClock Tue 02-Feb-16 10:47:12

I did think of Jojomaman but unfortunately they have got rubber non slip bits on the feet which I thought would be uncomfortable with shoes.

EveWornOut Tue 02-Feb-16 14:14:37

The John Lewis thermal tights are the only ones my girls will wear. Soft, wash well and feel nice on. They come in grey, navy and black. I go up one size.

Artandco Tue 02-Feb-16 17:09:11

Country kids- best tights. 100% cotton and in loads of colours.

I also buy them Fub tights for extra nice and warm ones

PodClock Tue 02-Feb-16 17:26:14

ooh, I love all the different colours of the Country kids ones! Thank you!

Artandco Wed 03-Feb-16 08:04:27

Yes the county kids are great. Only thing is the sizes. They are 1-3 years, 3-5 years, 6-8 years etc. So cover a larger gap. But I would get the bigger size if they are towards end of size before, ie I have just bought age 6-8 years for my just 5 year old.

ridinghighinapril Wed 03-Feb-16 08:25:07

Sainsbury's school tights - kept their shape and am using the same set for a second winter for my DD. She is not the sort to crawl around when playing so can't comment on threadbare knees.

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