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Another handbag help thread

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Killairno Mon 01-Feb-16 00:33:48

After my DH being out of work for a while, he is now back in work and I am saving a bit of our spare cash for a handbag.

I got a lovely Kate Spade one a few years back - this one in brown
I do quite love it but the compartments are snap closure rather than zip so rain and snow gets in and if things are messy and disorganised, it can be seen so I don't feel smart and put together. I like to hide my messes!
I also find the long shoulder strap a bit annoying at times.

So, my new ideal bag will
1. have a zip top
2. be a shoulder bag (I like two handles, one would be ok, long enough to go over winter coat, ideally)
3. prefer some structure to slouchy

I do like this Kate Spade one but what other brands should I look at?
Needs to deliver to Canada.
Top budget is about $350CA which is a piddly 175 pounds but I don't mind getting an end of the line or clearance or whatever. Must be leather. Still on the fence about a quirky or sensible colour!

Killairno Mon 01-Feb-16 01:04:37

I also like this from Coach

SpeakerOfTheHouse Wed 03-Feb-16 14:32:26

this P&M one was posted on here a few days ago any good? Has double handles and a long strap, but a tad over budget..

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