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Intervention Required! Plus Size Style help!

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Favouriteworstnightmare Sun 31-Jan-16 07:47:27

Hi all,
I'm throwing myself at your mercy! I've been lucky to score tickets to two sporting events and have no idea what to wear! Please help!

The first is 6 Nations so I'll need to be comfy, warm but not look daft in a few pubs afterwards.

The other event is a football match but we are in the executive boxes so no football strips and possibly a bit glam?

I've completely fallen off the perch fashion wise, no real look other than a strong preference for repetitive prints eg polka dots / hearts / stars etc. I'm stuck in a loop of tunic dresses and leggings but I'm so bored.

I have some vouchers & £ left over from Christmas and would love to hear your suggestions!

Thanks in advance!


DianaT1969 Sun 31-Jan-16 09:33:32

IMO - no heels, shoes, prints or too many colours. Also no large or print bags. A neat cross body bag if you have one. Start with a pair of boots, add thick dark tights, a plain tunic style dress and a dark plain coat or jacket. Add colour with a velvet scarf and you're OK for the VIP box too. A blow dry before and some pretty bracelets or ear-rings will add the feminine touch for the pub.

travailtotravel Sun 31-Jan-16 11:03:48

Boots for warm dry feet and style. Your don't mention size so nitvsurevif jeggigs a good idea.

Favouriteworstnightmare Sun 31-Jan-16 15:38:35

Thanks both - I've hankered after nice boots for yonks! I'm a pear shaped 22/24 so carry a lot around hip / bum. I'm happy enough paring jeggings with a long top / shirt & belt etc (I buy a size up to ensure decent bum coverage!)

I have a good across body bag so that's great.

Tights would make a nice change - a bit more dressy than leggings. Good idea!

* wanders off to check out boots.......*

travailtotravel Sun 31-Jan-16 20:44:35

Maybe look at a dress instead of a tunic? Wear with a cardi? I am really rating Studio 8 at the moment - the plus size Phase 8. Got several really good dresses from them so far.

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