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Architects interview wear

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SuperFlyHigh Sat 30-Jan-16 14:27:10

got interview next week as admin/pa in architects firm. I currently work in a legal office as a secretary.

For my last interviews I wore a nice black dress with opaque tights and blazer/jacket in black.

For an architects (and I worked for 2 architects practices in the past) I don't think too smart cuts it...

I've checked Cos but I really don't think their style is me... I've got a skirt from there and a top but I don't like much of it

Did see this dress in & Other Stories (which I like more):-

Any ideas?! Thanks!

YesOfCourseAlways Sat 30-Jan-16 16:40:12

I was going to say Cos, all the architects I know shop there! Also they never wear anything other than black And white, maybe grey if they are pushing the boat out!

The Stories dress is nice, or maybe something like cigarette pants and a slim fitting merino jumper. Anything with clean lines and not too fussy would seem right to me.

SuperFlyHigh Sat 30-Jan-16 16:49:04

Yesofcourse yes lots of creative types (SIL and her SIL) both love Cos, SIL is manager of William Morris Art Gallery (stealth boast) and her SIL is equally in some Olympic park job.... Apart from these 2 items I have from there I'm not keen and veer more towards Stories!

The Stories dress I would wear again just I'm not sure my black one is a bit too funereal and want a backup. Thanks!

tethersend Sat 30-Jan-16 22:06:42

How about something like this?

SuperFlyHigh Sat 30-Jan-16 22:32:47

tethers thanks, that's certainly very cool but no more sizes left apart from a 6 or 8 left (I'm more a 12).

Again it's the black which puts me off, it's also quite similar to the FOX black dress I have with zip detailing but not quite so out there.

Anything else? The thing with COS was that a few seasons ago I'm sure they did neon accent dresses but now, maybe it's me... The vast majority of their clothes look strange shapes (better in store) and the models look so weird it puts me off. I think I'll browse Finery website tomorrow though.

trufflesnout Mon 01-Feb-16 02:47:55

I really like the one you linked to in your OP Super <covets>

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