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Foundation for fine hairy face?

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BettyBi0 Fri 29-Jan-16 23:50:11

Maybe this is a hopeless cause but perhaps someone out there can help.

My face is covered in very fine hairs. It's kind of like a furry peach but because I'm really fair and the hairs are kind of translucent they don't really bother me too much.

Problem is they look horrendous when I have any kind of foundation or powder on as it sticks to all the hairs. Is there some kind of magic base out there that other hairy faced people use? Or should I be doing some clever kind of hair removal all the time too?

AlisonWunderland Fri 29-Jan-16 23:57:21

Another peach face here!
Suggestions welcome...

shereebobbins Sat 30-Jan-16 00:01:39

I shave mine off and no, they don't come back thicker and darker.
Search for dermaplaning on youtube

TwoInTheMourning Sat 30-Jan-16 07:10:26

I have peach fuzz as well, lots of it. I actually use tweezers all around the chin area but haven't found a way to tackle the rest. I wear make up and I am well aware that foundation sticks to the hair and can make it more noticeable, specially against bright light. Until you find the best way to get rid of your peach fuzz (and report on the method here) you just have to apply your foundation in the direction your peach fuzz is growing so it lays flat with your foundation.

Blondiewoman007 Sat 30-Jan-16 07:24:49

I use one of the twirly epilator stick things-epistick 92p from Amazon, to remove peach fuzz from my face. I find it really effective. Was recommended on MN and I'm so glad I discovered it!

Seriouslyffs Sat 30-Jan-16 07:37:08

Watching grin
Has anyone actually found someone to do dermaplaning?

MarieJeanne Sat 30-Jan-16 07:49:14

I have fine downy hairs on my cheeks too and it bothers me most in the summer when I don't wear foundation. My face is tanned and the fuzz bleached white - it looks really weird.
Sorry, not very helpful

Tate15 Sat 30-Jan-16 08:10:00

If you don't want to remove facial hair you need to apply powder with a kabuki brush very sparingly and go over and over your face until you have complete ly blended it in.


AlisonWunderland Sat 30-Jan-16 08:56:19

I really do not want to start down the route of removing my peach fuzz.
It's enough trouble tweezing the rogue wiry ones on my chin (autocorrect wanted that to be My Chest!)

TheCarpenter Sat 30-Jan-16 09:44:40

I tried one of those sponge things and I think it helped. Really buffed everything in.

Carbsnomore Sat 30-Jan-16 09:50:43

Peach fuzz on cheeks can be removed in less than 10 seconds with a normal razor. It never grows back darker, thicker or faster (for me). I do it about once every 10 (ten) weeks and foundation looks a million times better. Even without powder, but especially with it.

Cannot believe I laboured over trying it for about 5 years before taking the non-plunge hmm

JellyTotCat Sat 30-Jan-16 12:09:04

I shave my face with an electric shaver once a week. It comes out lovely and smooth and no regrowth problems because of it being fine and slow growing.

JellyTotCat Sat 30-Jan-16 12:10:35

Like carbs it takes seconds to do

BettyBi0 Sat 30-Jan-16 12:32:19

Wow I'd never heard of dermaplaning. It's basically just dry shaving right?

Doesn't it look a bit weird when the hairs are growing back? On the couple of rare occasions that I used veet on my tash, I looked a bit strange a week later - kind of like uniform same length blonde glitter sprinkled on my top lip.

It's so tempting though if it really is that easy. I definitely need some kind of base as I have quite red blotchy pale skin

BettyBi0 Sat 30-Jan-16 12:33:53

Never had any luck with the powder and kabuki brush systems even with mega blending. I was thinking maybe some kind of gel based foundation might be out there

BettyBi0 Sat 30-Jan-16 12:34:50

What kind of razors do you all use for dermaplaning at home anyway? I think I'd only have the guts todo it super duper lightly without the exfoliating scrape

JellyTotCat Sat 30-Jan-16 12:36:24

It doesn't look weird when they grow back as they are so short and fine and pale that it just looks like normal down that non hairy people have. Mine looks a lot worse if i left it to grow full length, especially when the sun shines on it.

mintbiscuit Sat 30-Jan-16 13:17:01

This is one of the reasons I love mumsnet! Never heard of dermaplaning before but really want to try it now.

Has anyone DIYed at home? (Or would that be really stupid?)

BettyBi0 Sat 30-Jan-16 13:51:57

I'm going to try it and report back ..

shereebobbins Sat 30-Jan-16 17:08:31

I used to do the dermaplaning myself. I don't do it anymore, I just use hubbys electric razor now. Quicker and easier.

mintbiscuit Sat 30-Jan-16 17:38:48

Betty I'm with you! I've just ordered myself some scapels. I'm fed up of my peach fuzz goatee.

GraceKellysLeftArm Sat 30-Jan-16 18:40:28

I did veet last night in a "goatee" kind of shape - it leaves the skin kind of "rubbery" so I'm very interested in the dermaplaning.

Which razors are you using?

Where do you er... draw the line as it were? I've got ghostly sideburns extending down the sides of my neck. I don't want to end up with a bizarre false hair-line! grin

JellyTotCat Sat 30-Jan-16 20:48:04

Electric shaver here too sheree.

Carbsnomore Mon 01-Feb-16 21:42:58

Betty have you shaved your beard off yet? grin

GraceKellysLeftArm Mon 01-Feb-16 22:08:17

Ok I did it. It's smooth - hasn't come up in a rash at all and yesterday I wore a really thick mask of foundation and it didn't clog. So far, so good!

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