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Bra Help. Shoulder pain. Physio wants me to buy new bras

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EustaciaVye Thu 28-Jan-16 18:49:07

Hi there
I have recurrent pain in my shoulders for which I am seeing a physio. The pain is reduced when she lifts my bra strap and she thinks my 34h boobs are part of the problem.
I wear balconette bras. Generally Panache or Pour Moi. The straps are wide and sit on a part of my shoulder that makes my issue worse.

So I need to find a new bra which still fits my bread shape and has thick straps closer to my neck than shoulder. Hope that makes sense.

Any suggestions?

DrewsWife Thu 28-Jan-16 19:01:29

I get measured at bravissimo. Honestly a fitted bra can make my life so much better.

EustaciaVye Thu 28-Jan-16 19:06:31

Thanks. I know the fit is correct. Mumsnet intervention helped me in the past. The problem is down to my posture and a previous injury so it's just doing my exercises and getting a supportive bra that has straps slightly less wide than I normally wear....

Noideatobehad Thu 28-Jan-16 19:24:42

worth while getting one of those strap thingies that pull the straps in at the back to make it a racer back bra? cant remember what they are called sadly

LettuceLaughton Thu 28-Jan-16 19:26:47

Might some sort of racerback converter help in the short term? Maybe? TBH I'm not sure what'd do to the fit of the bra though.

Iamaslummymummy Thu 28-Jan-16 19:27:05

Have a look at thoracic outlet syndrome. Often people with our condition have problems with heavy boobs. It could help to guide your physio

LettuceLaughton Thu 28-Jan-16 19:27:09

x post

EustaciaVye Thu 28-Jan-16 20:35:14

Thank you. The physio talked about a crossback / racer type bra so I will look at that weird gadget. Imagine if it fell out hmm

I will also look at thoracic outlet syndrome and give the name to the physio in my next appointment in 2 weeks.

If it's thick straps in particular then this bra from Ewa Michalak is awesome. The criss cross bits come off but the actual straps are very wide compared to normal and padded. Shoulder bliss.

RaisingSteam Thu 28-Jan-16 23:16:02

That's interesting - I have a painful shoulder and H-cups.

Have a look on Figleaves - if you click bestsellers there are a couple of "full-cup" styles that seem to have closer straps, e.g. the "Specialty" bra. Not things of beauty but better than being uncomfortable. Or a light duty sports bra?

There was a Fantasie style called Esme that had close straps at the back, I have narrow sloping shoulders and I loved it but now discontinued.

PitPatKitKat Fri 29-Jan-16 08:54:18

Used to have similar issues with shoulder pain and was a dedicated Chantelle balconette wearer.

Switched to Gossard Glossies and pain went. I'm an F or FF cup. Think it is the fullness of the cup that helps. Also find racer back sports bras very comfortable.

PitPatKitKat Fri 29-Jan-16 08:56:36

Sorry, meant to say that they go up to a G cup, but I usually have to size down a cup with them as they come up large so might be worth a shot.

KatharinaRosalie Fri 29-Jan-16 11:07:38

Check out Freya Zentangle longline bra - it comes in a H cup, and the wide band will give you a lot better support than normal bras

bishboschone Fri 29-Jan-16 12:04:58

Inhave a bad back , those cross over bras kill my shoulders in my sports bra .. I've tried that gadget before and it also kills . I have heavy 32 f/g boobs and they cause indents in my shoulders despite the bra being fitted correctly at bravissimo.. It's shite !

EustaciaVye Fri 29-Jan-16 18:07:43

Thank you for the bra recommendations. I will look into them. Like the look of the longer line bra.

HeathrowExpress Sat 30-Jan-16 18:14:12

Are you also doing pectoral stretches and rhomboid strengthening exercises? They will make a huge difference too.

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