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trousers/jeans/boots for longish walking commute in the rain?

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magnificatAnimaMea Thu 28-Jan-16 01:50:42

I live somewhere where it bloody never stops raining, the wind destroys umbrellas, the public transport is crap so I mostly walk everywhere, and the hills are really steep so walking to most places involves sweating think northern Scotland/Norway but the other end of the world

As a consequence, I live in the same 2 pairs of sodden jeans/ sodden trainers / sodden rain jackets / sweat-soaked polypropylene thermal tops / jumpers soggy from sweat and rain. I wear this stuff all the time, despite owning nice but utterly impractical things like wool trousers, leather shoes, leather jacket, etc.

I've been considering getting some really hideously unstylish waxed cotton / softshell trousers, and goretex-lined trainers, because I'm sick of sitting in a puddle of water from rain-soaked jeans.

Before I completely lose all sense of style and just go with the feral national park ranger kind of look - can anyone redeem the situation with suggestions of nice goretex-lined leather boots, or trousers that will dry easily or be water resistant? People who live in Scotland or Scandinavia must deal with similar weather without becoming completely feral...

Cuttysarky Thu 28-Jan-16 10:33:11

I live in Scotland at the seaside, so understand! I haven't found a good trouser solution yet, but in terms of footwear I find Sorel to be good, I think a lot of the styles look good also, on their website it labels which ones are completely waterproof. Hope this helps! Good luck!

HelpfulChap Thu 28-Jan-16 10:45:08

Doc Martens Drench boots?

The style and comfort of a DM, the practicality of a Wellington.

£45 in the sales.

nothingwittyhere Thu 28-Jan-16 11:09:37

I THINK Rohan do some reasonably plain trousers designed for walking that would dry quickly. I don't know if you can access them from whatever mysterious place you are smile

sausagetown Thu 28-Jan-16 13:04:09

Would you be able to take a change of clothes with you and change when you get there? Or wear waterproof over-trousers? I walk or cycle 2.5 miles to work and do both of these things.

specialsubject Thu 28-Jan-16 13:54:37

jeans are fashionable but useless for the UK climate. Either take a change of clothes or wear quick dry walking trousers - they aren't waterproof but dry in five mins once you are indoors.

mountain warehouse and upwards. I live in these and no-one has ever told me I'm breaching any dress code yet. That said if it is a smart office you may want to change.

magnificatAnimaMea Thu 28-Jan-16 20:08:58

Thanks everyone smile

Can't really take a change of clothes without it being a massive faff - am a uni student at the moment. Walking up a 400m-high steep hill to get home means that my jeans are either soaked with rain or soaked with sweat if I wear rain pants.

So it's waxed nylon trousers all the way - hurrah! I do like my Fjällraven stuff... though will check out other brands too, as Fjällraven is sodding expensive. Will also look up Sorel - hadn't thought of them - I have their super-arctic ones designed for below -20, which i never wear any more, but of course they would make good boots generally.

Where i am isn't really mysterious, there aren't that many cities in the southern hemisphere where you'd probably find English-speaking MNers and the weather/landscape is like this (i.e. there are three cities like this!) but in the interests of anonymity in a small population I might just not state where it is. It's small enough that I do all my clothes shopping online!

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