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Bra help!!

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OhIAcheAllOver Wed 27-Jan-16 18:43:09

Can't anyone recommend a bra which has the straps set closer together than usual?

My straps are constantly slipping and it's driving me potty.

I'm a size 38J


CMOTDibbler Wed 27-Jan-16 18:46:58

If your straps are slipping, then its possible that your band size is too big, letting it ride up. Have you tried the Bra guru measuring method?

dementedpixie Wed 27-Jan-16 18:49:14

I agree that the back size may be too big

OhIAcheAllOver Wed 27-Jan-16 18:51:41

No, I've not tried that method, never heard of it!

I don't think I could go any smaller in the back, it feels really firm and doesn't ride up at all.

It is a pretty common symptom of band too wide tbh so I would measure and see. You might be surprised - lots of people have been!

Generally the straps on balconettes are further apart than on plunges though, and full cups are often closer together too.

marriednotdead Wed 27-Jan-16 20:31:25

Which bra brand/style do you wear already?

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