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What should I be wearing?

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Rinceoir Wed 27-Jan-16 13:18:01

I've lost 1stone in the last 2 months, 2-3 to go depending how it goes! My bigger clothes are loose on top, my smaller clothes still way too small. I'm 5'4, somewhere between a pear and an hourglass (waist 10inches smaller than bust, 14inches smaller than hips). Everything I read suggests draped tops and leggings while losing weight but that look is terrible on me even when slim due to my shape. I work in frontline so need to look professional- at the moment I am wearing the same 3 wrap around dresses and fairly bored!

ooosaidooo Wed 27-Jan-16 21:23:24

Well done on your weight loss!

I lost just over 3 stone last year, just supposed to be getting rid of the last few pounds now. I found that I lost weight easier when I was in clothes that made me feel good, so I was constantly moving the clothes that were too big off to the charity shop/ebay.

While I was losing the weight I always just had a few clothes (that fitted) and rotated them into different outfits. I always had a pair of jeans that I would buy as tight as I could get away with and just wore them with long tops until they looked better. Jackets were bought tight and worn undone (then eventually binned because they become to big).

I manged buying at TKMaxx, primark, ebay and charity shops. January is a great time for charity shop picking as everyone has been clearing out their cupboards, i also used to buy things from the charity shop to slim into if it was a really good bargain.

LadyPriggsbottom Wed 27-Jan-16 21:28:07

Very well done OP!

If you are hourglass / pear shape could you tuck looser tops into some high-waisted, wide-leg trousers or a pencil skirt? The extra material wouldn't be so noticeable that way maybe.

Rinceoir Wed 27-Jan-16 21:38:02

Thanks, I've still got a long way to go, but having some nice clothes would motivate me. Long tops just cling to my bum/thighs and hide my only good feature (waist!). Hadn't thought of charity shops, I'll have a rummage this weekend. Don't think I have the shape for pencil skirts just yet, but high waisted trousers are a great idea thanks. It will be a while before I lose much from my bottom half I think. I've lost 2 inches from bust, 4 from waist and only half an inch from hips sadly.

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