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Colouring grey curly dried out hair?!

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Fallingapartattheseams Tue 26-Jan-16 09:52:09

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone had any ideas about colouring solutions for greying curly hair?! I have dark, chin-length curly hair. I colour it myself once a month but this is no longer working for me. Firstly, I have about 30% greys & they grow so quickly that I need to do it more often otherwise the roots look awful. Secondly, I have completely knackered my hair with all this colouring. I cut it from shoulder-length to get rid of the barbed wire effect but it’s slowly headed into that territory again! And finally, as the grey takes over, the solid colour is making me look part-Lego minifigure, part-Dot Cotton, enough said.

Any ideas about how to keep the grey under control? Or at 45 could I go grey & look fabulous? Just aware that it looks super messy at the best of times & I want to look foxy rather than frightening!

Thank you! x

TheCrimsonPleb Tue 26-Jan-16 12:50:19

Watching with interest as I have curly hair with some grey. I don't colour though because of concerns around damaging the curl pattern or making my hair dryer than it already can be at time.

I am minded not to colour at the moment because the grey is currently contained in a sort of streak which looks quite neat.

I read an article somewhere about going grey with curly hair. I'll see if I can find and link it.

madwomanacrosstheroad Tue 26-Jan-16 13:36:35

My hair is not curly but quite grey and was in really bad condition from all the colouring. Also home colour did not take well on the grey. I grew it out and it is much much better. Also the grey suits me much better than the coloured hair ever did. It helped to put it up during the growing out stage.

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