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Best base/top coat

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hillbilly Tue 26-Jan-16 09:48:41

I find that when I have a professional manicure it lasts much longer than if I do it myself and imagine it may have something to do with the base and top coat they use. So wise ones, which are your favourites?

Lottapianos Tue 26-Jan-16 12:31:08

I use a Rimmel base coat which I'm happy with. For top coat, my favourite is Seche Vite - I buy it on ebay for about a fiver a bottle. It dries your polish rock solid in about 10 minutes and leaves a lovely glossy finish. The nail salon I used to go to always used it

burnishedsilver Tue 26-Jan-16 12:47:43

Seche Vite. Nothing else comes close.

hillbilly Tue 26-Jan-16 13:06:24

Thanks I will look it up :-)

hillbilly Tue 26-Jan-16 13:12:49

Great - found it, bought it!

CointreauVersial Tue 26-Jan-16 13:22:08

Yes, Seche Vite. Gives your nails a hard, almost "plastic" finish, and dries the polish instantly.

Judydreamsofhorses Tue 26-Jan-16 15:49:37

Voice of dissent but I find SV shrinks the tips as it dries. I like the Jessica topcoat and the Orly rubber base coat, personally.

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