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Similar to Jules Vert

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MaryPlain59 Mon 25-Jan-16 12:34:29

I need a mother-of-the-bride outfit and love the style sold in Jules Vert (the pastel and champagne colour floaty style) but the price is over my budget and I wondered if anyone knows of shops which sell a similar but cheaper style? I have looked online but really I need to go into an actual shop to try on now as I have ordered and sent back a couple of items when they arrived and didn't fit me properly and I now only have 10 weeks until the wedding . I live in London and would be really grateful if anyone could tell me of any shops I could try.

magicpuppy Mon 25-Jan-16 13:34:42

Have you tried here

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Mon 25-Jan-16 13:37:40

Do you mean Jacques Vert?

Jaeger, Viyella etc. All the same stable, (they're made in a factory near me) Planet? Do they still exist? have concessions in Debenhams.

MaryPlain59 Mon 25-Jan-16 14:25:13

Sorry, yes I did mean Jacques Vert. Thank you both for your help I will have a look at those places you have mentioned now.

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Mon 25-Jan-16 15:07:55

Do Principles still have concessions in Debs? (sorry, am not in UK) they are similar but cheaper.

mrsmortis Mon 25-Jan-16 15:45:38

Have you got access to a designer village (Freeport, Cheshire Oakes, etc)?

Freeport has a Jaques Vert outlet and if one of them has an outlet then others will too.

MaryPlain59 Mon 25-Jan-16 18:31:00

Thank you ThenLater and mrsmortis, I will look into those places, I really appreciate your help.

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