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Tooth whitening. Please help!

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GretchenBeckett Mon 25-Jan-16 09:40:15

I have naturally yellowish teeth sad

I can't wear lipstick because it makes my teeth look awful! I've tried whitening tooth pastes but they makes no difference at all. It's reall affecting my confidence. Can anyone recommend anything please that doesn't cost £££

ThatIsSoFetch Mon 25-Jan-16 10:33:44

I used Crest Whitestrips in the run up to my wedding and it made a big difference!

jasmine1979 Mon 25-Jan-16 11:51:51

Can anyone recommend a genuine seller for these? I used to buy them occasionally years ago and had great results. I've become aware that there are a lot of fake sellers around nowadays though.

LadyofDunedin Mon 25-Jan-16 11:57:29

I know you don't want to spent lots... But... I had my teeth whitened by trays at the dentist in 2008 and they were absolutely gleaming (dentists words). Almost 8 years on they're still very white and look much healthier than they are!

It hurt like hell, v sensitive but my god did it work. Cost about £500, but I have, and still am, reaping the benefits !

Bringiton2016 Mon 25-Jan-16 12:29:20

Lady , tell me more about the pain and sensitivity please.

ThatIsSoFetch Mon 25-Jan-16 13:16:19

I bought mine from Ebay - shipped from Canada (You can't buy them in the UK)

LadyofDunedin Mon 25-Jan-16 13:16:40

Well, if I'm brutally honest, I had to go to bed and cried with the pain. It was very bad. I did go back to the dentist who provided me with swabs that had a desensitising agent, they helped.

I will caveat that the results were worth it. Of course you may not experience any of the pain I did.

I wish I could send you a before picture. But here's them today, 8 years on

UsernameIncorrect Mon 25-Jan-16 13:19:47

Beverley Hills toothpaste is brilliant. Not the black or white ones, just regular whitening.

SuperFlyHigh Mon 25-Jan-16 13:20:12

Can anyone suggest a tooth whitening kit for home for sensitive teeth?

UsernameIncorrect Mon 25-Jan-16 13:20:44

By white I mean gold!

LadyofDunedin Mon 25-Jan-16 13:26:52

Please don't use home whitening kits, they're not effective and some have questionable ingredients. I think the best start if you want to conserve € is with Crest strips.

crispytruffle Mon 25-Jan-16 13:32:25

I would check out the teeth whitening at any dentist in your area. My friend recently got a great deal at one of hers, they did some moulds and she uses these daily. I got my teethed whitened a few years ago when I went to America, they went about 7 shades lighter at the time. I could do with having it redone now. I always find when I have my teeth cleaned by a hygienist at the dentist they always look whiter.

knowclue Mon 25-Jan-16 19:16:03

Try using Colgate's fluoride mouthwash (non-alcoholic) for a week or so before you embark on whitening, especially if you have sensitive teeth.

MsBojangles Mon 25-Jan-16 20:11:16

I was looking at a kit sold on Amazon, seems to have great reviews...

UsernameIncorrect Mon 25-Jan-16 23:44:09

I've used Crest Strips and every type of whitening toothpaste and Beverly Hills Perfect White is the only that made a difference. People commented.

beautyadoration Tue 26-Jan-16 01:30:30

I'd just like to point out that the ones @MsBonjangles posted are fooling you into buying them because the seller gives out another free packet of whitening strips if you leave a positive 5 star review :-( this is why they have such great reviews. I was tempted to buy them a while ago but if you read the negative comments you'll see how they are trying to trick you into buying them.

I've heard amazing things about Crest strips. I did buy some off eBay but they didn't do anything. I think they were fake and I give up trying to look for them now because I have no idea who is a genuine seller and who isn't :-( it's frustrating because they are really cheap in the US!

If you can afford it I'd go for professional treatment at your dentist, if I could afford it I'd do it no questions asked.

MsBojangles Tue 26-Jan-16 11:33:45

It also offers a money back guarantee so I'm not going to be too sniffy about it.

penguinplease Tue 26-Jan-16 14:30:06

Cocowhite is fantastic!

AppleSetsSail Tue 26-Jan-16 14:43:55

I suggest the laser whitening treatment, huge numbers of them on Groupon & similar.

specialsubject Tue 26-Jan-16 15:26:18

there's nothing you can buy in the UK over the counter that will do anything. That's because bleach levels over a tiny amount are outlawed except when used by dentists. You know, the person with years of training in looking after teeth.

doineedanymoreshoes Tue 26-Jan-16 17:33:55

I am off to the US in a couple of weeks and want to buy some tooth whitening strips. Are Crest the best ones to buy? Are they different to the ones you can buy on Amazon? Thanks.

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