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OPI Nail Envy

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pussinboots61 Sun 24-Jan-16 22:55:29

I've bought a small bottle of this to try but it's making my nails look dull, is this normal? I just want a good nail strengthener.

MountainDweller Sun 24-Jan-16 23:24:02

There are different types - did you get the matte one? It has blue writing I think, and the normal shiny one has green.

Scuttlebutter Sun 24-Jan-16 23:58:32

As PP has said, there is a matte version which is designed to be invisible on bare nails, plus a normal gloss version and a slightly tinted one.

I've been using it for about five years now, and would highly recommend it, along with the Avoplex for cuticles.

pussinboots61 Mon 25-Jan-16 22:40:47

Thanks for your replies. I got mine from Amazon, it has blue writing but on the advert says it's the original one.

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