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Has anyone bought anything from Sezane? I want everything!

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PontypineNumber9 Sun 24-Jan-16 17:23:33

If you've bought from Sezane before what's the quality like? And the sizing? I want everything on there, including the shoes!

Cuttysarky Sun 24-Jan-16 20:22:35

I am eagerly watching too, live everything Sezane but have never actually bought anything.. Think it's 8 euros for postage costs. Have always presumed the sizing would be small as it is French.. And LOVE the shoes but I have wide feet and know for sure I wouldn't fit into them. The bags are beautiful also, but just too pricey for me just now. Sigh. So I am of no use at all to you, sorry. You have outstanding taste though!!

aniceearlynight Sun 24-Jan-16 22:39:24

I love Sezane and have ordered from them a few times – I think delivery costs €12 including free returns from the UK. My parcels were sent via FedEx and delivery was fast - 3/4 days. To make returns, I took the parcel to a FedEx drop off point (there are lots of these, you have to look them up on the FedEx website) as it was easier than scheduling a collection.

I only ordered clothes so can't comment on shoes/bags. Sizing does vary but on the website they provide individual sizing info for each garment and that will state whether it's necessary to size up or down. On the whole, as with many French brands, I don't think the sizing is particularly generous. I ordered quite a few things so if there's anything you're looking for in particular do let me know as I might have tried it! I think the quality of the clothes is very good but I didn't order any knitwear so can't comment on what that might be like.

Trying NOT to look at the website in Jan as I'm stony broke and will want everything!!!

littleboop Mon 25-Jan-16 18:06:05

Hi anice - I love these clothes too but have not ordered anything yet. Did you try any of the dresses? Are the clothes as nice in real life as they look on the website?

PontypineNumber9 Tue 26-Jan-16 09:19:27

Still haven't bought anything yet but specifically I have my heart set on these:
I love them - but what on earth would I wear them with???!

aniceearlynight Fri 29-Jan-16 16:04:19

Sorry - couldn't come back and answer questions as desktop computer broke and I can't log on on my phone for some reason. Yes, the clothes are as nice in real life as they look on the website. I bought the Elly dress in my usual size (36) - very flattering, v-neck and A-line shape, wore it at Christmas as it covers tum nicely. I also bought the Alto dress in the same size but felt it rather swamped me as it's quite full and although I'm short I am fairly busty and sometimes you get that 'shelf' effect from the bust and that's how I felt in the Alto - it was a bit too full. The lace cotton tops (Rosette and Marlene) came up smaller - I needed a 38 in them both because they were on the small size and had no give at all in the fabric. I also tried the Harry trousers in a 38 (too big, should have gone for my normal size) and skirt (perfect, lovely quality).
Just looking on there now and it's hard to restrain myself. Not sure about those white boots Pontypine - reckon Hurricane Gertrude would make short work of them!!

KBos Thu 15-Feb-18 11:01:36

Hi! For sizing Sezane is really good at saying how each item fits under the sizing section on each page of the product. They will tell you to go for your usual size or size up, etc. If you're still looking for some answers on Sezane I made a video where I unbox one of their blouses and try on all my Sezane items. You can find it here

Ffsnothingworks Thu 15-Feb-18 17:32:59

Ummmm, if I buy from them, will I look like the model? Pretty please!

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