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Hair and losing your nerve at the hairdressers

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GrinAndTonic Sat 23-Jan-16 06:23:42

So I went to a new hairdresser yesterday. We did the usual chat about my hair and I explained my 'rules'.
1) nothing that makes my face look redder
2) nothing that makes my face look fatter
3) no fake colours
So I decided to change from auburn to a brown-y colour. The stylist suggested red highlights and considering I had told her the rules twice I thought she meant auburn red and agreed.
So now I have bright red highlights. I hate them.
So I ask you, would you consider bright red a fake colour?
I also lost all my confidence and while admitting that I disliked it I did nothing else about it.
Maybe I'll just go bald.

Floowho Sat 23-Jan-16 11:34:58

Wash your hair multiple times in head and shoulders to help the fade. Luckily red fades the quickest. Or put a mid brown home dye over the top. You won't get green hair because of all the red.

Youvegottobekidding Sat 23-Jan-16 11:48:49

You could do the Vitamin c & shampoo hair dye remover mix - Google it to see how it's done. That should remove any colour from your hair leaving it ready to re-colour. However, it will fade over time if you wash every day.

How bright is it? I've been all sorts of colours, apart from crazy colours, but have had a vivid auburn/red before. Like Floowoo said, red does fade the quickest.

It's a shame you don't like it, you've paid all that money for it & now you're left unhappy - but I have done the same thing, been to the hairdressers & had highlights before & hated them so had to re-colour at home! I don't think hairdressers always listen properly! Since you only had it done yesterday, you could ring them & explain you're unhappy with the bright red & see what they say. If they aren't willing to help out & you wan to get rid of the red quick then I'd definitely do the vit c & shampoo thing.

MoBro Sat 23-Jan-16 15:14:06

If you still have a bit of confidence in the hairdresser and a good picture, you should have it fixed or get some money refunded. I'd hate a client of mine to dislike their hair!

GrinAndTonic Sat 23-Jan-16 22:17:56

Thanks everyone. I like the brown but the fire engine red just doesn't suit me.
I could go back but just don't have time so I'll just wash it.
I've had bright fake colours before but when i was younger. I'm not exactly old but that's not my style anymore.

I swear hairdressers have some magical power to stop me voicing an opinion. I'll quite happily tell a chef, taxi driver etc I'm unhappy with a service but when it comes to hair I can't.

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