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Best tights for an Orange shape

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ladydolly Thu 21-Jan-16 10:54:02

Help me!

I have skinnish legs but I'm an orange shape (so a fat belly) and I HATE tight things round my belly. So basically I'm the opposite of tights shaped.

I wore ASOS maternity tights when I was pregnant and they were a joy but they are too big now I'm not pregnant ahem 1 year post natal.

I'm a size 14 and 5'6 - any recommendations?

spankhurst Thu 21-Jan-16 15:49:28

I bought a pair of Pretty Polly 'one size' tights recently in my local Co-Op - they had plenty of room and were decent quality.

Dreamqueen Thu 21-Jan-16 17:56:06

Shamelessly following.
I'm a straight up & down shape & no matter what size/make of tights I buy, they roll down to around my hips all the time & drive me bonkers.

Jakadaal Sat 23-Jan-16 09:50:17

I am an apple shaped size 16 and have thrown so many tights away after one wear as they are uncomfortable and roll down. Best I have found are from Next and have an extra wide soft waistband so no digging in or rolling - think they are called the ultimate comfort tight?

CadburysTastesVileNow Sat 23-Jan-16 10:31:31

I got all excited when I read that, Jak - tights waistbands are never comfortable on me. But they get terrible reviews on the Next site - fall down apparently.

What to do ....?

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 23-Jan-16 11:14:37

I swear by Boots tights. I used to wear M & S all the time, but find that they just fall down now. I've got some from a couple of years ago, which are fine, but the new ones, which are allegedly the same, slide down.

Jakadaal Sat 23-Jan-16 19:11:50

Mine were fine so I must have got a good batch! To be honest I didn't read the reviews -it was more of a grab and buy! I read on here all the time about how good Primark ones are and first wear they were until I had to go to the loo and then it was drop crotch city all day confused

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