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Good shampoo for greasy haired 12 yo?

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mehbridezilla Thu 21-Jan-16 09:29:49

Dd is 12 and just recently has been getting really greasy roots. I don't think she's bothered but I well remember the misery of being a greasy haired teen and I want to save her any embarrassment or teasing. At first I thought she perhaps wasn't washing the shampoo out enough as the shower water pressure is pretty rubbish and I think that's probably a part of it too, lots of build up. We're in a hard water area too. Any suggestions for a nice shampoo that might work?

mumsnit Thu 21-Jan-16 11:16:46

Has she tried Aussie Mega?

I have had great success with this for my hair which has always been greasy and DS now using it would be great if he ever had a shower <sigh>

mehbridezilla Thu 21-Jan-16 11:31:13

Funnily enough that's exactly what we're using! Doesn't seem to be helping though.

Jaeme Thu 21-Jan-16 11:37:46

Sounds like maybe a clarifying shampoo would help if build up is a problem. Bumble & bumble Sunday shampoo is the best one I've used so far, Paul Mitchell is also quite good.

daisydalrymple Thu 21-Jan-16 11:47:45

I was going to suggest a clarifying shampoo, as pp, just incase there is build up, but then use it every few weeks in between normal shampoo. (Pantene do one, but it's not stocked in every store that actually stock Pantene for some reason) I've found herbal essences greasy roots shampoo and conditioner nice, or even just their shine shampoo (both are green).

Does she shampoo twice? - ie wash, rinse, then wash again. And stick to conditioner on the lengths, not the roots. And gentle rubbing of the shampoo not overly vigorous.

I think it used to be said shampoo for greasy hair stripped it of it's natural oils, as did washing daily. But I think the shampoos today are fairly mild, and I simply have to wash my hair every day or its too greasy.

MitzyLeFrouf Thu 21-Jan-16 13:31:21

My hair is really straight and really fine so the roots of my hair get greasy pretty quickly, to the extent that if I've been handling my hair a lot it can look greasy just a few hours after washing. I've never found a shampoo that's made much of a difference.

So to avoid any signs of grease I wash it every other day, and once it's dry give it a small squizz of dry shampoo on the roots to keep grease at bay. It also gives my hair a much needed bit of body. On the non-wash days I give it another spritz of dry shampoo.

I'd be lost without dry shampoo to be honest.

mrsjskelton Thu 21-Jan-16 14:22:41

I had this problem and use the forever living shampoo/conditioner if you know someone who sells it. Wash the scalp, condition the ends. Hair now gets washed once a week and is always fresh smile

RoganJosh Thu 21-Jan-16 14:23:52

How quickly is it getting greasy and how often is she washing it?

MrsHooolie Thu 21-Jan-16 14:49:59

I have greasy hair.
I have yet to find a miracle shampoo.
Dry shampoo is a life saver but the ones that are for your own hair colour work best (I use Batiste for blondes)

cressetmama Thu 21-Jan-16 15:24:30

DS likes the Klorane Nettle shampoo.

vanillabeauty Thu 21-Jan-16 15:48:51

Timotei do an amazing shampoo for greasy hair.

IfItsGoodEnough4ShirleyBassey Thu 21-Jan-16 15:51:34

DD uses T-Gel for greasy hair, the amber coloured one.

MrsPear Thu 21-Jan-16 15:55:53

Hi adult with greasy locks. I wash every other day - up do on day off. I use the Alberto basam apple shampoo and conditioner. I only apply a touch a conditioner to the roots never near the scalp. Another one that seems ok is head and shoulders citrus. Aussie makes things ten time worse for me.

MrsPear Thu 21-Jan-16 15:56:51

Sorry made no sense -blames ds2 - conditioner is applied to ends only not roots and only a little!

BaconPancakessss Thu 21-Jan-16 16:01:49

Lynx anti-dandruff is good (It's men's but doesn't have a smell so is ok) and guinot cosmecology for oily hair

Tate15 Thu 21-Jan-16 16:14:36

Head and shoulders.

Tate15 Thu 21-Jan-16 16:15:22

hugoagogo Thu 21-Jan-16 16:43:09

'I love juicy' from lush is brilliant for greasy hair and I hate lush with a passion.

jennymac Thu 21-Jan-16 17:00:50

Mitzy - which dry shampoo do you use? I have tried both the Batiste for Brunettes and a Herbal Essence one and have found them both to be useless.

HelloItsMeAgain Thu 21-Jan-16 22:16:20

Apple shampoo in the cheapo Alberto Balsam range. With the apple conditioner to follow.

But shampoo twice and condition only from ends.

Finally seems to have worked with DD (10yo) hair - which had begun to look and even smell a bit urgh 24hours after a wash - now we are getting 3+ days.

beautyadoration Fri 22-Jan-16 01:28:08

I use Pantene Classic Clean and it's great for greasy hair. I think Pantene would be my favourite affordable shampoo. I find most of them feel really clarifying and they leave my hair feeling super fresh.
If water pressure is an issue, maybe get her to condition first and then shampoo afterwards to help remove any build up.

bakewelltarte Fri 22-Jan-16 08:31:15

How often is she washing her hair? I have greasy hair and wash mine every other day and use dry shampoo on the non-wash days. I always wash my hair if I've been exercising (even if it would have been a non wash day) As for shampoos, I use herbal essences.

RedSoloCup Fri 22-Jan-16 10:02:53

Tea tree (just the alberto £1 one) has made my DDs less so, also meant to discourage nits, fingers crossed!

staceybrown3dd Fri 22-Jan-16 15:00:09

Tresseme perfectly un-done. It's brilliant!

extralemonylemoncake Fri 22-Jan-16 15:30:14

Against build-up in hard water areas, mix 1 litre of cold water and 1 tbs of lemon juice or vinegar and rinse your hair with this after shampoo / conditioner have been washed out. I do this about once a week and it makes a noticeable difference. I have fine hair and build-up makes my hair look flat and slightly greasy even when it's freshly washed.

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