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Good hair straighteners....don't like my GHD's!

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Indecisivejo Wed 20-Jan-16 17:23:37

Title says it all really, any recommendations?

thebestfurchinchilla Wed 20-Jan-16 22:03:40

Cloud 9? I think made by original Ghd manufacturers before brand was sold off. Only available in salons and direct I think.

PrincessofPersil Wed 20-Jan-16 22:06:23

I have some wide plate Toni & Guy cheap ones - they were about £40. I've always had GHDs and I find these are much better for my hair (thick, curly, mid-length).

CarrieLouise25 Wed 20-Jan-16 22:08:16

These are gorgeous, I love them, and use them every day. They are £74.99 in Argos, and have just found them £29.99 in John Lewis:


mintbiscuit Wed 20-Jan-16 22:55:19

thebestfurchinchilla is right. Cloud 9. Way better than ghds.

SelfLoathing Wed 20-Jan-16 23:14:39

what is it you don't like about the GHDs and what model do you have?
I have the wider plate one and it is much better than the normal thin ones. I really like it.

Cerseirys Wed 20-Jan-16 23:18:30

Apparently GHDs are not what they used to be...

Indecisivejo Thu 21-Jan-16 06:48:26

Thanks so far everyone! It's funny because my hairdresser uses cloud nine and I've always thought they seemed good!
I will check out the other link too thank you.
I have the coral ghds but they just do not straighten well I have to go over hair loads and my hair isn't even thick! It seems ghds are like marmite.

Fatrascals Thu 21-Jan-16 06:51:34

Corioliss- titanium plates, temperature control and cheap.

MrsGradyOldLady Thu 21-Jan-16 07:37:18

My hair is quite fine and I don't like ghds either. I had one pair that blew up in my hand and another where the thermostat went and I singed quite a lot of my hair before I realised. I ended up having to have my hair cut quite short.

I use remington ones now that I bought on Amazon - they're really cheap. They have an adjustable temperature which works better for me as I don't need them to be quite so hot.

chocaholic73 Thu 21-Jan-16 09:25:32

Yes I heard GHDs aren't as good as they used to be. I had GHD IVs and they were fine but my hairdresser said she sent her GHD Vs back. I went for Cloud Nine in the end when the thermostat went on my GHDs and am very happy with them. I like the temperature control which you don't get with GHDs

Indecisivejo Thu 21-Jan-16 14:38:30

Just ordered the ones from John Lewis 29.99 bargain!! Thanks Carrie x

mrsb26 Thu 21-Jan-16 14:54:03

Another vote for Cloud Nines here. Not cheap but worth it!

CarrieLouise25 Thu 21-Jan-16 16:24:25

No worries. Hope you love them as much as I do! x

Startingout2015 Thu 21-Jan-16 21:52:38

Corioliss c2's are amazing

Thy clean your hair!

ICantDecideOnAUsername Thu 21-Jan-16 21:55:23

Another vote for Corioliss here.

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