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Robust ballerinas for commuting to/from work?

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Petal02 Wed 20-Jan-16 12:23:39

I know we've had quite a few threads recently, about finding something semi-decent for travelling/walking to and from work, and I quite like these, they may offer better support than something completely flat, and they're not horrible either:[1]=18500

homebythesea Wed 20-Jan-16 13:02:23

I came on to say the best ballerinas I have are Gabor - but I see you've beaten me to it!! Lasted years, v comfy, well worth the extra cost. I've also got some Gabor flat suede knee length boots which are like slippers!!

whifflesqueak Wed 20-Jan-16 13:05:57

I misread the thread title and imagined burly, leotard-clad dancers on the tube.

Petal02 Wed 20-Jan-16 13:14:51

Whiffle you have a very fertile imagination!

whitesklyer Wed 20-Jan-16 13:17:30

snap whifflesqueak! was imagining a group ofrugby playing, grubby looking men in leotards standing on the platform helping OP out grin

polyhymnia Wed 20-Jan-16 14:08:40

Sme of the Geox ones fit the bill too.

Silverpinkswirls Wed 20-Jan-16 14:10:46

I leave my ballerinas at work and wear whatever I need to, to get to work.

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