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Knitwear for taller women - any recommendations?

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INeedACheeseSlicer Wed 20-Jan-16 10:52:17

I'm not that tall (5'7) but I am increasingly finding that knitwear available in the shops is too short in the body, and the sleeves are far too short. I do have quite a long body and arms, but I never used to have this problem to quite such an extent!

Does anyone have any recommendations of good places to look? I am after cashmere or merino, something smart, warm, lightweight - ideally v necked or scoop neck, longline cardigans or jumpers.

TheSpottedZebra Wed 20-Jan-16 10:55:57

Gap tall can sometimes be ok. Not everything comes in Tall, but some does.
And Woolovers clothes can be quite good sometimes too. You do end to look past the awful styling, but there are some gems, and all items have detailed dimensions listed.

OnlyLovers Wed 20-Jan-16 11:10:15

I have long arms too and TK Maxx can be good; they often have labels that you may not be able to afford at full price (I can't, anyway!) and labels that I haven't heard of, but which turn out to fit well.
It depends where you are and what your local branch is like though; I know some of them are horrible.

Otherwise, it tends to be the more expensive high-street shops, unfortunately, that have longer sleeves –Jigsaw, Jaeger, Cos are quite good. Actually, on the cheaper side, I've tried some wool jumpers in Zara recently that were surprisingly long in the arms.

MadamCroquette Wed 20-Jan-16 11:26:20

I have this problem. I've found you get more length at some of the preppier or gothier shops that are aimed at teenagers/students - seemingly it's cool to have too-long sleeves and longer bodies - so they fit me. Namely Jack Wills, Bench, Superdry, and All Saints – and online, Free People. I avoid the stuff that is plastered with logos - you can usually find some that isn't. Ebay is your friend too, as you can get past season stuff and there's more to choose from.

Agree with Woolovers too – they have some unisex things, and because they are for men as well, the arms are nice and long. But yes avoid anything they've messed about with, the basic styles are the best. I have a really nice knitted lambswool zip up hooded cardigan from there, but it was v boxy - I've altered it to make it a more fitted female shape.

INeedACheeseSlicer Wed 20-Jan-16 11:51:45

I've never heard of woolovers, just had a look and they look affordable and pretty good really. I'll definitely try ordering something.

Not sure if I am young enough or trendy enough for Jack Wills or Superdry, I'll just look as though I have borrowed my nephew's clothes grin.

I will give TK Maxx a go - I always found it a bit bewildering and untidy, and I can never find anything good, so I haven't even been in for years, maybe I should give it another chance.

MadamCroquette Wed 20-Jan-16 12:10:13

I do know what you mean, I'm 46 and when I go in Jack Wills and Superdry they give me funny looks – but I live in their lovely long tops, vests and cardies. If you look carefully/trawl ebay, you can find great plain stuff that you would never know was from those shops.

Toomuchtea Wed 20-Jan-16 12:10:42

I have arms like a gibbon, and Peruvian Connection are the only ones I've tried where the sleeves actually come over my wrists. I only ever buy in the sale as they are somewhat spendy, but they have a sale on at the mo. They are also good at putting in dimensions so you can check.

Otherwise, it's men's stuff, or size 20 (I am size 10/12).

It's infuriated me for years. Manufacturers cater for different leg lengths, but don't seem to realise that if you have long legs, you probably have long arms to match.

MadamCroquette Wed 20-Jan-16 12:14:13

Here is the superdry knitwear for example. A lot of it is plain and not obviously from a youth fashiony shop. Models are usually tall and you can see from the pics that there's lots of sleeve length, also some items that are longer in the body.

FashionLover1 Wed 20-Jan-16 14:43:38

Try M&S

Chocolateteabag Wed 20-Jan-16 17:57:01

I am 5ft9ins with long body and arms and I have this top from Woolovers in grey and camel - nice long arms and body, washes well, bobbles a bit but go over with an electric defuzzer

I also have a free things from Pure Collection including this gassato cardigan which is still in the sale. I find most of their stuff to be long enough and they have great customer service if you call them up (based in Harrogate)

Chocolateteabag Wed 20-Jan-16 17:58:06

Free things? A few things!

lewknorturn Wed 20-Jan-16 21:43:56

I have the same problem. 5'9'' but stubby legs, which makes a long middle section. Very effective disguise of a big baby when pregnant, but sort of hopeless for tops. Topshop tall is good for the very long; I've also had success recently with Uniqlo (esp the Lemaire and Ines collaboration lines, where I bought a couple of very long very navy would-be Parisienne things). Zara seems to be cut for the tall. Also H&M: look in the premium range for better quality. But maybe easiest thing is just to buy longer style knits -- eg had some good cashmere thigh-length open cardis from M&S? I feel your pain. Nothing worse than a short jumper and low trousers in this weather!

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