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Fantastic hairdresser in the north west anyone ?

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ginorwine Wed 20-Jan-16 07:19:14

I'm looking for a fab colourist and cutter in the north west .in particular one who is able to introduce different shades into my hair .
I've just had some fab advice re a colour on here re scwartzcopft coour and am looking for a confident experienced colourist - if anyone knows of someone please tell .
Thanks !!

GrimDamnFanjo Fri 22-Jan-16 08:18:29

Where are you? I use Sarah Heys who is amazing and Chorley/Bolton/Preston area. I'm a striking redhead as a result!

ginorwine Fri 22-Jan-16 09:56:55

Half hour from Preston - happy to travel . Thanks .
Is she a good cutter ?

ginorwine Fri 22-Jan-16 17:05:51

I googled her she is setting up a salon in Chorley which I cd travel to ! Thanks .

GrimDamnFanjo Fri 22-Jan-16 17:08:32

Yes that's right! I'm seeing her tomorrow for a colour - she used to own a big salon and has been freelancing while she waits for the new one. If you are into particular eras she's good too - she pin curls and sets mine!

ginorwine Fri 22-Jan-16 18:22:00

Ooh fab !
I love both pin curls and beehives !!!!

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