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Ski hair!!

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lostmummy12 Tue 19-Jan-16 10:43:50

Hi all,

We are off on a ski holiday at the weekend, I have been trying to grow my hair long all year, & it's now just on shoulder length,
How can I keep it looking ok after a day wearing a ski helmet!!??!!
All last years pics make me look like a crazy, red faced, wild haired woman....
Can make it look ok for evenings after showser etc, but it's during the day when we stop for coffee etc, everyone else seems to look so glamorous....and then there's me...

CMOTDibbler Tue 19-Jan-16 10:47:13

Do a french plait round your hairline going each way from your parting. Then ponytail band at the back. It'll keep your hair neat all day

prettywhiteguitar Tue 19-Jan-16 10:47:21

Low ponytail ? I am shallow and don't wear a helmet

Madblondedog Tue 19-Jan-16 10:50:42

I go for 2 low plaits brought around to the front, if I wear my hair down it ends up as one knotted mess

lostmummy12 Tue 19-Jan-16 10:54:17

Guess I'm gonna have to practice plaits/braids!!
Can do these on my daughter but seem to run out of hands when doing my own...
Any tips?

FauxFox Tue 19-Jan-16 11:04:10

Can you just pop a hair band like this around your wrist to chuck on when you take your helmet off?

lostmummy12 Tue 19-Jan-16 12:12:41

Ooh, I like that hair band,
It's the frizzy hair thing that bothers me tho on top of my head,
Thinking might need serum or something to slick it down a bit maybe..
Hair is quite thin at ends from over use of straightners too so might try the plaits tonight.

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