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Dealing with redness

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Sweetandsour93 Mon 18-Jan-16 23:44:50

Hi, does anyone have any tips on dealing with a red nose? i have quite a bulbous tip to my nose and I find it goes red very easily and is naturally redder than the rest of my face. I don't think it's an actual skin condition, just how my face is and I do have quite a big nose in comparison to my other features. With foundation on it is okay but I do find that the red can show through very quickly sad Does anyone else have this problem? Any way I can make it look better?

Nabootique Tue 19-Jan-16 08:35:29

Me too. I used to get called Rudolph at school, in fact sad Have you tried a green corrective concealer? It looks weird in the tube, but blend it out and it counteracts redness, then foundation goes on top. Max Factor do one that's like a chunky twist up pen.

Also, you don't say if you use powder, but if not that will help with the longevity.

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