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Jeans recommendations for an apple

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lampshady Mon 18-Jan-16 07:29:55

I'm currently losing weight and it's coming off everywhere apart from my stomach. Will keep cracking on with the diet and exercise but in the meantime would like some lovely jeans to show off my legs and hide my tummy!

I'm a whole size larger round the middle than my hips. If anyone has an recommdations I'd really appreciate it. High waisted is good, and ones that hold their shape. Thanks!

lampshady Mon 18-Jan-16 15:20:28


EchoJuliet Mon 18-Jan-16 23:05:53

Mac dream jeans are good - not cheap but good! Hold their shape and skim tum really nicely whilst showing off legs and bum! X

Serenite Tue 19-Jan-16 00:52:24

I've found next jeans to suit my apple shape but you need to buy the size down in most of them, as they stretch. Also asda jeans I rate, the wonder ones (size down too) are flattering in legs/bum but have the give you need on the tummy. Finally I got a really good pair of jeans in county casuals in house of Frazer, think they were tummy trimming ones - you probably be able to locate them on their website.

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