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Anyone here NOT like la Roche posay?

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Indecisivejo Sun 17-Jan-16 22:13:45

Need u to talk me out of trying it again and upsetting my skin as I'm sure I have tried it before and didn't like it lol.

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CakeThat Mon 18-Jan-16 06:13:05

Not me sorry - I love it! Depends what you need it for though. The effaclar has worked wonders on my spotty, red skin. And believe me, I've tried everything going (acne started age 11, still with me in my 40s).

ThursdayLastWeek Mon 18-Jan-16 06:41:21

Doesn't make a jot of difference to my skin.

Indecisivejo Mon 18-Jan-16 07:32:50

If I'm not talked out of it I would be getting the toleraine cleanser and moist, and cicaplast baume for night.

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Dungandbother Mon 18-Jan-16 08:17:05

I just use the face wash. It is the mildest best wash available
Hasnt stopped my spots. But it's an excellent wash.
Don't use the creams.

5minutestobed Mon 18-Jan-16 08:19:29

I have been using the make up remover stuff but it hasn't made any difference to my skin so I will be going back to my normal, much cheaper stuff when the bottle is finished!

vitaminC Mon 18-Jan-16 08:58:03

They do a huge range of products for many different skin types! Maybe you didn't use the right ones for your skin?

Indecisivejo Mon 18-Jan-16 09:07:18

Ttouble is my "usual" stuff which seems to be ok on my sensitive skin is much more ££ so lrp is act a step down

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Indecisivejo Mon 18-Jan-16 09:07:43

*Trouble is! Ffs silly phone

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WickedWax Mon 18-Jan-16 09:10:43

Me, my skin hated it.

But being a sheep convinced by other MNetters I should persevere with it, I did, for a couple of months, apparently my skin was purging hmm.

Anyway, eventually my skin was in the worst state it's ever been and I gave all the products away for free on here.

Nabootique Mon 18-Jan-16 09:14:24

I like the Toleraine moisturiser as it's nice and light for day time and I'm prone to being a bit oily. I also like the Serozinc spray if I'm a bit greasy or have had a breakout or some redness. I've not tried much else because I'm not that impressed with the ingredients, just a bit meh about it. The astringent clarifying toner was the first acid toner I tried and it was okay, but I've found better ones since.

Indecisivejo Mon 18-Jan-16 09:24:17

Wickedwax which products did u use?
I'm glad not everyone is raving about it because I really should stick to what I know I don't react to but because it's still not perfect and is ££ I'm constantly trying to find something else! Then my skin reacts

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WickedWax Mon 18-Jan-16 11:02:42

I used the Effaclar Purifying Gel Cleanser, Clarifying Toner and Effaclar Duo plus anti-blemish cream.

Then it was suggested that I switch to the Toleraine range for reactive skin, which, like a mug, I did.

My previous oily/spot prone skin was a dry flaky mess with huge painful boils under the skin all over my chin and around my nose, which would never come to a head.

I think all beauty/skin products are a case of trial and error. What works for one won't work for another.

I seem to have cracked it now, I'm using Cetaphil cleanser, Bravura Calendula toner, occasionally an overnight Bravura acid treatment, and a moisturiser (I don't recall the name) for sensitive skin, and it's the best my skin has ever looked.

Indecisivejo Mon 18-Jan-16 11:51:46

Ahh so u tried the toleraine range which is what I would get! So the fact it did that to ur skin is defo helping to talk me out of it thanks!

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burnishedsilver Mon 18-Jan-16 14:39:39

If its the cicaplast baume b5 you're thinking of, it's way too heavy to use every night. It's great for sunburn, dry patches, irritated skin etc but it's not really an everyday moisuriser.

loraflora Mon 18-Jan-16 15:01:04

I have rosacea and very sensitive skin and get on fine with the toleriane cleanser - it's nothing special, but it's okay and doesn't make my skin itch or bring me out in hives. Which happens with a lot of skincare for me, so that's why I'm sticking with it for now rather than any miracle results.

MsBojangles Mon 18-Jan-16 15:12:29

It did nothing much for me, in fact I've still got a 3/4 full bottle of that cleansing gel everyone was raving good that they discontinued it grin

The Baume B5 temporarily calmed my eczema but didn't heal it. Eurax did.

I like the SPFs though.

HumboldtFog Mon 18-Jan-16 15:17:18

DP has eczema that flares up now and again. His skin is very dry and sensitive and the Toleriane Ultra moisturiser is great for him, soothing and no reaction.

Wolpertinger Mon 18-Jan-16 15:41:14

Cicaplast is lovely but can't picture using it every night. It's more of a thing to use when everythings a disaster than regularly.

maybemyrtle Mon 18-Jan-16 16:03:11

Off the top of my head. Cicaplast clogged, toleriane cleanser didn't cleanse very well, serozinc caused blackheads, I have repurchased the toleriane foundation which is an amazing concealer if you can get the shade right. Otherwise the "French pharmacy brands" hype is all a bit emperor's new clothes imho.

Wolpertinger Mon 18-Jan-16 17:06:40

I don't understand Serozinc. Is it not just spraying some water on your face with a bit of zinc in it?

Was mystified at the time when all the bloggers were going crazy for it and saying it's 'so hydrating' - looked to me like you'd just sprayed water on your face.

Or am I missing something? Very happy to be proved wrong.

Thing I loved about LRP was Physiological Cleansing Gel. Which they stopped making angry Effaclar Duo is good but tiny tube and expensive. I got through them very quickly.

Mazzylou Sat 28-Mar-20 01:17:52

Hello. I just want to agree with the OP. These LRP are a rip off and not good quality. If sensitive skin doesn't feel right after the moisturiser the product is wrong. I quit this brand after one experience with Toleriane moisturiser. My skin felt tight and unhappy under it. Same with Avene and other brands. Dermalogica is the best brand out there. IT's lush and v gentle on skin. Didn't like Image much either. Murad, haven't tried yet...

247SylviaPlath Sat 28-Mar-20 03:27:49

Entire range of any brand I don’t think could ever be good but I have found their spf to be brilliant (but not my favourite - which goes to Mimitika), and the effeclar duo has cleared my skin like nothing I have ever used before (though I don’t use it as a moisturiser on its own more of a thin layer of treatment before my usual skincare), my skin previously was a spotty red congested mess (and has been on and off for about 30 yearsblush) - I always have at least 2 in the house so I don’t ever go without...

WrinklesShminkles Sat 28-Mar-20 10:22:20

I've used up a bottle of their new Vit C serum (with a dropper) and loved it. Can't repurchase unless it's on discount though as it's so expensive. My skin did look glowing and more even - most products don't have that much effect on it, probably because it's fairly well pampered already blush

thisenglishlife Sat 28-Mar-20 10:34:16

A good vitamin C product will always leave you looking glowing and even @WrinklesShminkles

The Body Shop used to do a fresh vitamin C serum type product that was really good - you had to do something to activate it and then use it up within a short time period.

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