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Jeeeeeez ive just taken a proper good look at myself in the mirror

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Itsabloodymess Sun 17-Jan-16 17:43:36

And cor do i look rough!!!😱😱😱
I'll start at the top;
Hair greasy greys coming through highlights a mess
Eyebrows need threading
Face dry itchy blotchy blackheads
Nails need infilling
Bits need shaving
And clothes wise im wearing my slobby cardy and pjs!!!!
Not a good look 😕

cressetmama Sun 17-Jan-16 18:57:42

So what would you want us to advise? You have identified what you don't like. A few hours can sort out all of the above in one day. Do you have a partner or parent who will give you the time you need?

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