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Laser hair removal failed. What now?

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Coldest Sun 17-Jan-16 15:14:26

I have very awful hirsutism thanks to my pcos. After years of trying to manage it I got laser on my whole beard area. My skin was hair free and flawless for about 4 months. But I have now noticed that basically all the hair or back.

I am pregnant so can't have laser again but even after the pregnancy is it likely I have very thick black hair so was told I was ideal candidate. I am so dissapoites that the laser failed. It was done by a dermatologist too who was highly recommended by a number of people so I didn't scrimp over it.

kirinm Sun 17-Jan-16 15:17:19

How many sessions did you have? You are supposed to continue with maintaining it so have sessions every 6-12 months after your first course. You might need more than one course which isn't unusual.

Coldest Sun 17-Jan-16 15:18:51

I had 6 sessions, 6 weeks apart. I was expecting at least a reduction in hair but it like a stubbly beard again. Am so sick of it.

Vixxfacee Sun 17-Jan-16 15:20:16

Do you think your pregnancy could have caused the hair to come back?

I also have the same issue as you and was told not only bother with laser hair removal as it would just come back. As it's the hormones that cause the hair growth.

kirinm Sun 17-Jan-16 15:21:56

I had PCOS and ended up having something like 18 sessions. It does work but you might need another course.

Coldest Sun 17-Jan-16 15:24:35

Vixxfacee what do you do though? My hair are so coarse and thick and the growth rate is fast too.

I did discuss the hormonal issue and was reassured that i would have a reduction as most of the women who need laser have hormonal issues and it will zap the follicles. They did tell me I would need maintanence once or twice a year but to have no reduction now j feel like I wasted my time and money.

Coldest Sun 17-Jan-16 15:26:19

18 sessions shock kirinm how long did it take? And how spaced were the sessions ?

Vixxfacee Sun 17-Jan-16 15:29:25

Coldest I literally can't do anything but pluck. My best friend has pcos and has really coarse hair on neck and also plucks.

I have hair all over my body and the hair growth is bad. I can wax bikini line and stubble will come through 2 days later.

I really want the laser but I just think it will never go. You might end up just consistently having it every few months.

But also I think it could be the pregnancy hormones making yours come back so quickly.

mrsjskelton Sun 17-Jan-16 15:29:39

Mine took about 8 sessions which was over what I was estimated. Your PCOS + pregnancy will mean your hormonal balance will be all over the place!! It could take you a great deal longer to treat your hair growth.

timemaychangeme Sun 17-Jan-16 15:56:38

I had laser on very heavy facial hair in my 20's. Thick, coarse, like a blokes beard/sideboards. It took 20 treatments. But I was then free of hair till I was well into the peri-menopause. It was by no means as heavy as in my 20s but still very noticeable. I am on to my 10th treatment and have just very fine, sparse hairs now which I get zapped every 3 months.

If you can afford it, definitely keep going as soon as you are able to. I had my first course back when laser was first on the scene, which maybe which it took so many treatments (ie wasn't as good perhaps?).

Which type of laser are you having? The treatment I'm having is with Sk:in (national chain) and I've been very impressed. I agree that depending on the type of laser being used, your hair, your skin type, your hormones etc, it can take a lot longer to get a handle on. I don't think it's advertised as a totally permanent solution either. I'm resigned to probably needing top ups every so often. The thing is now, to see whether I need a top up, i now have to use a good magnifying mirror in a good light. So that's a result for me. Before I had NO problem seeing the flipping stuff.

Berthatydfil Sun 17-Jan-16 16:04:19

Have a look at the life cycle of hair. It's likely that you had a large number of follicles dormant or resting during the treatment and these would not have been affected and are sprouting now.
Also hormones can change the very fine velux hairs thick and dark at any time under the influence of hormones- so with a hormonal condition like you have there is a risk that new hairs will appear - although it will appear to you that it's regrowth.
In addition pregnancy increases the growing phase of head hair and stops them going into dormancy ( these hairs then go into resting phase after giving birth - hence post pregnancy hair loss)
If I was you I would struggle through the next few months and consider getting more treatment once youve had the baby, but have them over a longer time period or get a home ipl machine or both and use the home machine in between professional treatments. In either case it may take a long time to see results as you are not only waiting for the resting hairs to wake up you are also fighting the new ones being sprouted under the influence of hormones. Once you've made inroads into the resting hairs you should see a difference.

kirinm Sun 17-Jan-16 16:43:49

I had mine over time but was seeing a very noticeable (though temporary) every 6 weeks. I haven't had any fit about two years now but definitely need to get back to maintenance as there are a few hairs that haven't completely gone but it is so much better. I was embarrassed to go out until laser treatment.

Coldest Sun 17-Jan-16 17:14:55

I had it at an independent clinic. Its a soprano laser. Will lool at SK:n after pregnancy.

Has anyone tried electrolysis?

Coldest Sun 17-Jan-16 17:16:22

I will try to save up for it. Such a Hassel and expense. I am very hairy all over but seem to manage the other areas and keep on top of it. My face hair is just crazy.

Alibabsandthe40Musketeers Sun 17-Jan-16 17:19:29

I was advised not to start laser until after I had finished having a family as pregnancy can trigger the growth again.

6 treatments isn't enough, you need to go back every few months for a long time to clear it.

SeanPencil Sun 17-Jan-16 17:20:28

A friend of mine went to Sk:in and said it was amazing, she'd previously had laser somewhere else so could had something to compare it to.

I had electrolysis and it's extremely slow going.

annandale Sun 17-Jan-16 17:25:48

I have a friend and a relative who had electrolysis for a long, long time - can't remember how long, not surprisingly neither shared huge details but they would have ten or fifteen minutes two or three times a week for months on end I think. It is a pretty long term process. I know one of them said to me there are two types of electrolysis and to make sure you get one rather than the other but unhelpfully I can't remember which blush

I was just thinking about finally doing this this week - the plucking is going past my ability to deal with it and I'm currently shaving twice a day which I hate. But Oh God £800 for one course?? sad

Coldest Sun 17-Jan-16 17:32:49

I hate shaving too. With the laser I had to shave and it wasn't that often but now I have to do my chin daily. Before laser I did threading but it is painful and the hair comes back soon after.

It is so much money. I think will have to save for a bit.

Electrolysis seems even more time consuming. Sigh it is hard work

ShhhBeQuiet Sun 17-Jan-16 18:25:29

Have you looked into IPL machines for use at home. I'm not too hairy but it worked a treat on my legs. It's a bit tedious doing it but it cheap.

Coldest Sun 17-Jan-16 18:56:12

I didn't think that was very effective. Which one do you use Shhbequiet

timemaychangeme Sun 17-Jan-16 19:04:05

I wouldn't bother with electrolysis. I had it for ages and it made no difference whatsoever. And it was more painful than laser. Skin are always offering 'special' packages. I got a good discount for the first course and timed my second one (which I'm currently going to every 3 months for top up treatments), with another offer.

Chippednailvarnish Sun 17-Jan-16 19:09:23

Pregnancy will definitely affect your hair growth. I'm on 10 sessions of laser and I'm not done yet...

MsMims Sun 17-Jan-16 19:21:55

Electrolysis is the only recognised form of permanent hair removal. I've had it on my bikini line and it was painful and took a long time. I actually had to stop going for other health reasons but would have persevered for the permanent results. Could be worth a try for you OP?

mrsjskelton Tue 19-Jan-16 08:31:55

Have you considered one of these? It's a lot cheaper than booking in to a clinic (not as strong as a clinic machine) but I've heard good things about them! I'll be getting one myself when I have the cash!

redhat Tue 19-Jan-16 08:38:27

Ive had 10 sessions with Sk:n and its still been a failure. The hair goes for a couple of months and then comes back again. It's cost an absolute fortune too.

Don't be fooled into thinking Sk:n have a magic solution.

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