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Macs/trench coats - is it best to stick with a 'neutral' colour to keep it timeless?

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keeponkeepinon Sun 17-Jan-16 14:19:05

I would like to invest in a nice mac or trench style jacket. I wouldn't buy a stone/beige coloured one as I am too pale to carry it off, the obvious choice would be navy instead. However, I have seen jackets in fantastic colours and I got this at Christmas, but am now wondering if its just too out there and would be too dominating over an outfit. Its a jacket I expect to be wearing for years to come and with this in mind should I have gone for navy instead?

I wear jeans a lot, usually with brown chelsea boots or knee highs. I'm thinking I would have to find a handbag that co ordinates, or am I thinking it over too much?!

Oly5 Sun 17-Jan-16 17:02:35

You're overthinkng it
The Sara and saskia Max's from Hobbs are fab in all the colours - the styles just don't date
Maybe save up for a navy one as a wardrobe staple back-up but enjoy your purple one!
They are lovely in my opinion
I have both styles in a range of colours and wear them all a lot

Oly5 Sun 17-Jan-16 17:02:48

Macs not

HappyGirlNow Sun 17-Jan-16 17:38:02

If you like it and think you'll get wear out of it for a few years get it. I wouldn't because The colour isn't for me and wouldn't be nice with anything I wear. But only you can know how it would work for you.

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