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Help! 41 and my skin is a mess...

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ChopperHopper Sun 17-Jan-16 10:16:21

I've been spending the last while trawling these threads and getting really confused about what I need to do, which is probably about to become very obvious from my post...

I'm 41 and have always had sensitive, acne prone skin. For the past few months I've been having some horrible spots on my chin and I look grey and horrible. I have dry skin normally but lately my skin has been getting quite greasy during the day, so much so that I notice by the end of my day that any foundation or tinted moisturiser rises up and sits on the surface of my skin. It looks horrible and I think it's due to the products I am using currently. I've been using the Superdrug vitamin E range but it's obviously not right. I used to use Clinique and got on well with it, but cost is a major issue for me these days.

I have no idea what to do to look better. I've started by cutting down caffeine and drinking water / eating better etc and have had a pretty good diet anyway. I need to get more sleep and am working on that! I'm also having blood tests because I have an under active thyroid and think it is playing up. I'm also using Zineryt for my skin, which is on prescription.

I need to change my routine and regime but I have no idea what to use. I see Caroline Hirons recommended but find there's so much information on there that I get lost! I think I have the steps but don't know what to use that's purse friendly and fits in with my skin type and her steps. I've seen Nip and Fab recommended a lot here, would that be a good starting point?

Could somebody help me please? I feel so lost and confused and I desperately want to look better than I do, it's really getting me down.

Thank you.

PollyPerky Sun 17-Jan-16 10:25:01

I'd say diet-wise, cutting out sugar (almost zero) will help. Also eating oily fish and avocadoes/ nuts to help give you some good fats which will really help your skin and stop it being dry.

I honestly think the less you use on skin the better. Use a simple cleanser- maybe one that isn't harsh. I love Clinique Take the Day Off balm but it is expensive- though lasts me 6 months. I use it with a hot flannel. It's really gentle and not greasy or drying. I am sure there are cheaper brands- Boots No 7 and Superdrug.

You might have some peri-meno hormonal activity going on at 41 which is when skin can get greasy again and acne can start up. If it gets really bad see your GP and ask to see a dermo who might be able to help.

I'd say use a simple lightish moisturiser maybe one from Olay? I've found Olay really good and used to spend £40 on Clinique. Their Regenerist range is good. Use on with sunscreen or use a separate sunscreen on top.

For make up, how about a light foundation or a powder foundation - Clinique has some good ones.

Wolpertinger Sun 17-Jan-16 10:26:04

What do you use currently? Honestly you don't want to mess around too much as you are using prescription products. I'd say Caroline Hirons is definitely not right for you therefore - she all high end, swapping about, too many products, lots of fragrance.

Do you really understand your acne? You need Dr Sam Bunting's videos. She is all about this being a long term, several month approach to managing your acne (what with being a proper dermatologist) with minimal products and recommends at a range of budgets (although sadly no mega budget)

Watch the videos. Follow it to the letter. It fits with the Zineryt. Your skin will thank you.

PollyPerky Sun 17-Jan-16 10:34:57

There are a lot of myths around skin care. Any dermo will tell you to keep it simple. Something to take make up and dirt off , something to stop UV rays and something to stop moisture evaporating.

If you are older, some products do have firming ingredients and retinol etc to de-crease wrinkles, but very few are permanent.

A very gentle exfoliator might help but nothing harsh. I'm using a Balance Me face mask which is really gentle and has a bit of an exfoliating action

Wolpertinger Sun 17-Jan-16 11:00:58

Indeed but I don't think I'd even be doing face masks at this stage. YOu need basics right and one change only every 4-6 weeks so you know your skin is happy.

Basic non-foaming cleanser - Cetaphil or Avene Gentle Cleanser. No balms or wipes. Your skin should not be squeaky clean. Double cleansing is a great way to get you to buy more cleanser. No micellar waters.

Active treatment - how often do you use the Zineryt? It's an antibiotic cream. Effectively you don't have anything benzoyl peroxide, retinol, azelaic acid, salicylic acid. If you have to use the Zineryt twice a day it's going to limit what else you can do.

So if you have used the Zineryt for 6 -8 weeks as instructed twice a day and seen no improvement go back and say it's not working.

If it's once a day is it morning or night? You need 6-8 weeks of using it alone to decide if it's working before adding anything else in. You could add something like Effaclar Duo or LRP Redermic R - or just go back for a better prescription. I don't think you have that effective a routine right now.

Moisturiser - Olay is great because it has niacinamide which is a good anti-acne, skin barrier repairing ingredient. I like Avene Cicaplast for emergency red days. Cetaphil is a basic cheap moisturiser which will not offend your skin in any way.

Makeup - Dermablend for covering up spots, avoid longwear makeup like the plague.

And finally you need an SPF in the day.

WanttoFindWorkLifeBalance Sun 17-Jan-16 11:07:57

I was pretty much identical profile and story to you. Hibiscrub has been a great face wash discovery for me - cheap, less spots, not made skin drier. I put it on then take off with hot flannel that I change daily. Olay anti-blemish moisturiser great and not too expensive if you hunt for online deals. Clinique double powder best I've found and does last quite well.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Sun 17-Jan-16 11:26:33

I have fairly oily skin and find a moisturiser specifically designed for spot prone skin helps. A game changer for me was discovering No.7 Boots makeup primer. It absorbs excess oil and has spot fighting ingredients and also blurs imperfections and can be used under makeup..£11

donadumaurier Sun 17-Jan-16 13:55:31

I've finally managed to sort out my skin (touchwood!) recently after having awful acne since I was about 11. Seconding a moisturiser for oily skin- I use Estee Lauder oil control which has worked absolute wonders for me and my skin texture is almost unrecognisable, but it's expensive. I can't really afford it but I will cut back in other areas to buy it as it's made such a difference to me. Neutrogena face washes are brilliant and more affordable, combining the green one and the pink one seems to work best for my skin. Cut out dairy (or at least try and cut down), there is a huge link between dairy and acne. Chin acne suggests hormonal like mine, taking Evening Primrose Oil supplements and turmeric capsules has worked for me. And drink loads of water!

acneresearch2015 Tue 19-Jan-16 19:36:50

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madmomma Wed 20-Jan-16 07:18:32

I'd advise staying away from the Hirons type blogs tbh. You need proper advice. I'd go to the Sam bunting website and see what you can find. I'm currently trying to sort my first ever bout of acne, brough about by all the Hirons acid-toning crap

NK5BM3 Wed 20-Jan-16 07:35:16

I would strongly suggest going to look on the bravura London website. They sell really good products that work. I speak as a 42 year old acne prone person who used roaccutane to sort out the giant angry cystic spots (in my late teens and early 20s). I've always had oily skin too. I use the salicylic acid and thr glycolic ones too. V easy, no redness and transformational.

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