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Smart casual clothes for a very 'casual' man

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MrsKoala Sat 16-Jan-16 20:38:26

DH has ultra smart suits for work and then reeeeeaaaally casual clothes for not work. His non work wardrobe is primark jeans my mum buys him, all torn and frayed and not fitting great ie too big and hanging off him (this is mainly because he has humungous thighs and needs to size up the waist to fit his bionic legs) and too small t-shirts from camden market hmm and outdoorsy stuff for skiing/climbing/hiking.

His shoes are various Loakes for work and tatty trainers or hiking boots for everything else.

When we go out it's a bit odd as i dress in quite a polished way.

Anyway, he's now got a different job where suits are not required and everyone dresses 'smart casual'. He has nothing to wear and wont shop [actually goes quite strange in a shop and has a meltdown]. Does anyone have any suggestion of what i can order online?

He's a big bloke, think ex-Army gone to seed. About 6ft 1in and 17st. Very broad and did i mention large thighs? grin

burnishedsilver Sat 16-Jan-16 20:44:06

Dhs smart casual work clothes are mostly tommy hilfiger with a bit of Gap thrown in.

Glitteryfrog Sat 16-Jan-16 20:46:27

Gap chinos? Dp wears the straight ones. He has dark brown ones, but they grey look nice.
Dark jeans
Jumpers? Slight v neck
Slim-ish fit teeshirts
Some of the guys at my work wear Rab fleaces.

BikeRunSki Sat 16-Jan-16 20:50:13


PassiveAgressiveQueen Sat 16-Jan-16 21:15:32

His super smart trousers and shirts

MrsKoala Sat 16-Jan-16 21:53:32

Thanks, I like the gap chinos and the Howies Trader trousers. DH did once have a very unseemly 'episode' in Gap when i asked him what his size was once (he doesn't know, as all his suits are tailored and all his casual clothes are bought for him got for free from conferences shock ) so i may have to order some different types and then send some back.

He doesn't want to look like he is just wearing his suit without the jacket on. I've ordered a long sleeved polo shirt from Lacoste in the sale too. I have suggested a v-neck with a t-shirt underneath and he said 'no way, i hate that look' confused

BikeRunSki Sat 16-Jan-16 21:58:38

He should do well with Howies; they're all bikers and runners and have massive legs too - three ladies chinos are the only ones I can get yo fit me. I sobbed real tears when I got bleach on some and they were sold out.

7to25 Sun 17-Jan-16 09:25:33

My son is that shape, probably slighter but with big thighs and shops only in gap for trousers.
Don't forget, they too can be altered at the waist.

VocationalGoat Sun 17-Jan-16 09:31:18

Lands End do lovely chinos, flannel shirts... really lovely casual clothing and great quality. And the fit is more generous...more for an American build as opposed to the slimmer cuts that dominate the UK clothing market. Have a look online and see what you think.

PurpleTreeFrog Sun 17-Jan-16 09:39:21

Well fitting clothes go a long way! My DH has the same scruffiness issue but without the large thighs grin

We have fixed it to some extent by getting rid of the cheap, baggy-round-the-arse jeans and buying some well fitting Levis in a "smarter" dye - ie. not faded, not too much decorative detail/stitching, dark blue or black.

Google how to buy men's jeans for fitting advice before you go shopping! Apparently it's all about the rise - higher on the waist is actually better, not too long, not too short etc.

Also if he likes t-shirts and hoodies, just make sure they're well fitting, quality, new-ish t-shirts and hoodies, rather than cheap bobbly, baggy or threadbare ones.

God its a nightmare isn't it, some men don't know how to look after themselves! I hope to bring my son up at least slightly more style savvy...

MrsKoala Sun 17-Jan-16 13:52:02

Thanks all i will have a google around later looking at all the suggestions.

As i said i am quite a 'polished' look person so unsurprisingly we met at work and first used to go on dates straight from work and at lunch time. So it was a while before i saw dh in his full 'lounge wear' ensembles. The problem with the tops is he likes bizarre pictures on the front of his t-shirts (hilarious pictures of a storm trooper surfing etc hmm ) , hence the camden shopping location, but they are horribly cheap and even the largest sizes don't really fit to begin with, then they shrink upwards when washed so they stop meeting his waistband, which is usually hanging low and being held up with a belt.

I did buy a gap pair of jeans for him but he hated the cut (relaxed i think) and i still had to get a 40 waist to still be tight on his thighs. I think his thighs are the same measurement as my waist shock . Years of fell running and carrying all the ammo apparently.

All the tops in the shops and that other men wear look 'square' according to DH. I'm not sure he realises he's 35 and a father of 2 with a high level job. If you saw him in his suits - altho they are quirky - you'd never imagine him in his civvies.

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