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Thank you so much to everyone on the Style and Beauty board

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Twinklestar2 Fri 15-Jan-16 09:35:44

Yesterday a sales assistant in a shop near me came over to me and said she loved my scarf, asking me where I’d got it from and then told me my whole outfit looked really good.

So thank you to everyone on this board for your help in getting me back to feeling like my old self after having my son. I have posted a lot about feeling frumpy, mumsy, not knowing what my style was anymore, etc, and everyone has been so helpful.

Thank you all flowers

misslemonsfilingcabinet Fri 15-Jan-16 09:39:53

Aw that's lovely. Can we have more details please flowers
Colour of scarf, size, coat, rest of outfit...headless photo... wink
Currently in black tracksuit bottoms, thin grey jumper, navy v neck, red socks and feeling rubbish!

Twinklestar2 Fri 15-Jan-16 09:48:04

This coat

White scarf with big dark pink butterflies at the bottom.

A white faux fur Cossack hat grin

Opaques and suede shoes boots

Twinklestar2 Fri 15-Jan-16 09:48:33

I am a size 12 btw

GlitteringJasper Fri 15-Jan-16 09:52:10

That's lovely!

You would've look gorgeous, fab and stylish for someone to take the time to comment!

misslemonsfilingcabinet Fri 15-Jan-16 10:30:54


dottyaboutstripes Fri 15-Jan-16 10:36:08

Love the coat! Where's it from?

Destinysdaughter Fri 15-Jan-16 10:39:52

Aw that's brilliant! I love how people are so kind and helpful on S&B, it's my favourite place on here smile

Dowser Fri 15-Jan-16 10:45:24

Coat is plum/ maroon? Lovely. Thought it was black at first.

Just bought a new plum down jacket two days ago and am wearing it today!!!


Fevertree Fri 15-Jan-16 10:50:10

I love that coat! Where is it from?

Twinklestar2 Fri 15-Jan-16 11:03:51

Coat is from Oasis, it’s a lovely plum colour.

S&B is my favourite board on here!

SuperFlyHigh Fri 15-Jan-16 11:08:08

Squeal! I bought that coat too. And one of those Aztec blanket scarves to go with it and a wooly pale pink sparkly beret (both oasis).

I'd been browsing oasis website saw someone had bought the coat in their live who buys what feed and checked it out. £45 for a £100 coat too bargain!

Twinklestar2 Fri 15-Jan-16 12:04:59

superfly I got it for just over £50 in the sale, using my husband’s NUS discount. I love it! It’s like a big dressing gown :D

SuperFlyHigh Fri 15-Jan-16 12:48:03

I got it at a more reduced price (was tagged at £60 came up £45) but yes is very snuggly and dressing gown like.... I had to get a wider scarf to fill the neck/chest gap.

babybarrister Fri 15-Jan-16 15:43:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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