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why is my foundation settling in my pores? or is it something else?

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SnootBoop Tue 12-Jan-16 18:37:55

I use a primer and apply with a stippling type foundation brush.

I can see it sitting in every pore, WHY??

Even with my face scrubbed clean, I can see white blobs in every pore on my nose/forehead. What used to be maybe open pores and blackheads now look white.

What's going on and what can I do?

What foundation do you use?

Have you always had the problem?

SnootBoop Tue 12-Jan-16 19:16:59

It's a new problem in the past few months.

I'm jumping around foundations, trying to find one that suits me!

I used LM tinted moisturiser for years, but now I fear the dewy look doesn't suit me any more.

I've tried:
Clinique CC cream
Bourjois CC cream
bare minerals
Clarins Skin illusion
Foundation By Terry

CwtchMeQuick Tue 12-Jan-16 19:20:25

I had this recently with a soap and glory foundation I was using.
Switched to no7 and got colour matched and the difference is amazing. I think it's buy one get one half price atm. I've switched to no7 primer as well. Foundation doesn't sit in my pores at all and blends really well. It's taken me years to find something that suits my skin this well though

Herrerarerra Wed 13-Jan-16 23:50:24

I've used Rimmel Match Perfection foundation for a few years and it's been fine up until now but I've recently opened a new one and it's settling in my pores. From what I can see, the formula has changed and there's now a pore blurring effect been added hmm

mrsmortis Thu 14-Jan-16 09:30:43

What sort of primer are you using? You may want to look at a silicon based one if you aren't already using one. I swear by Benefit Porefessional. If I don't use it then my foundation is like you described, whatever foundation I used (colour matching isn't the answer in my case because I'm trying to hide redness in those areas).

SnootBoop Thu 14-Jan-16 10:01:36

I'm using the Porefessional at the moment. Thinking on it, the settling might coincide with buying the Bourjois cc cream, so I think I'll give that a break for a bit.

I'm also going to try the No7 foundation as it got several more recommendations on my other thread.


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