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Should I keep or eBay this coat? (Joules Langridge)

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GoneAndDone Mon 11-Jan-16 17:36:53

I bought this early last spring but it was a bit too tight for me then - lost weight last year and it now fits well. I've still not worn it yet (has tags on). I really like it in the stock photos and it looks good on me now that it's brand new but I saw someone on the tube wearing it and it looked really creased and horrible! Maybe she'd not looked after it well or maybe it doesn't stay nice for long?

Does anyone own this coat? Is it warm? Does it stay looking nice?

I could probably get about £60-70 for it on eBay judging by what they've sold for there in the past and what others have listed them as.

I really wanted to a navy coat though and am doing a no new clothes challenge (2 months in currently) so can't buy anything else. I have a taupe down coat and a black wool coat, and a slightly less warm Seasalt Plant Hunter in grey for when it's raining.

What to do?

maggiethemagpie Mon 11-Jan-16 20:28:58

It looks lovely, wish I had one. If you've slimmed into it why not keep it? You can probably sell it second hand on ebay if you go off it in the future.

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