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I am popping into Bath tomorrow to get foundation, do I need to go makeup free???

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Swifey Mon 11-Jan-16 13:19:00

And to those of you who know Bath, what do you think Jollys or Boots?
I was going to go for a Lancome one, but not sure, what else is good?

Swifey Mon 11-Jan-16 13:22:17

I usually just wear bb cream, but am very tired at the moment (bin sleeping baby) and feel I need a bit more?? I have previously used Armani (really liked) and Clinique (was ok) but not sure. I am 37, pretty good skin, prone to redness, but not too bad, blue eyes, dark auburn/brown hair and skin fairly pale at moment but tans easily. any help appreciated! smile

SquadGoals Mon 11-Jan-16 13:52:04

Nope, I tend to match my foundation to my collar bone area, so that I don't end up with my face paler/darker than my body.

Love the Armani one also, as well as the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser. The new Chanel one is meant to be amazing.

KingRolloRocks Mon 11-Jan-16 13:54:26

I had a makeup lesson a couple of months ago at LittleLab (top of Broad Street) and it was brilliant, although not cheap. Bought quite a few products and am still using them all (and the techniques they showed me). I am not an expert but the stuff seems pretty good too.

CurlsLDN Mon 11-Jan-16 13:56:27

Nope, they'll use a wipe to clean a bit of your jawline, match your colour, then tidy up the patchy bit

nannyplumislostinspace Tue 12-Jan-16 19:30:37

Jollys is the best place for make up in bath. boots ok but smallish selection. Debenhams is absolute shite.

lurkingabit Tue 12-Jan-16 19:38:16

Apols the de-rail. SquadGoals, is the new Chanel one out yet?

I use Chanel Aqua vitalumiere. It's lovely.

P1nkP0ppy Tue 12-Jan-16 19:41:14

Definitely go to Jollys, avoid Debenhams at all costs. Boots in Bath is ok but only four or five brands, I much prefer Jollys.

Swifey Wed 13-Jan-16 06:10:31

Wonderful, Jollys it is then! How much is the Chanel one, will it bankrupt me wink? And does anyone have any thoughts on Lancôme please?

Ladyflip Wed 13-Jan-16 06:26:25

I tried the Lancôme one in Bath Boots. Walked as far as Debenhams and my DH announced that I looked ill and sweaty. Not a look I wanted, so immediately returned it and got my money back. Have heard good things about Jollys though!

SquadGoals Wed 13-Jan-16 08:34:00

lurking - just seen that apparently the UK launch is the 15th January.

I have a friend who writes a beauty blog so was sent it last month and she says it's incredible. She also uses Vitalumiere and has replaced it with this, so could work for you.

I live in the middle of nowhere abroad so will have to wait ages until I can get my mitts on it!

Ginandthecoconut Wed 13-Jan-16 09:13:21

Definitely go to Jollys. Agree Debenhams is a waste of time. Oh and check out Space NK-Bond Street.

They have a sample of the new Chanel foundation in this months Glamour magazine.

King- thank you I will check out LittleLAB smile

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