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Uneven body

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JaceLancs Sun 10-Jan-16 19:21:57

Is it just me or does anyone else have awkward uneven body issues?
I've always had one foot bigger than the other by nearly half a size not a massive issue, but I have to choose footwear carefully and sometimes resort to an insole
I have very long legs for my height, I'm only 5'4" and still need to buy long length trousers
One leg is straighter than the other - only an issue when I'm sunbathing!
But today at the grand age of 51 I found out that one arm is 2 inches longer than the other!!
For years I've occasionally wondered why some sleeves annoyingly poke out unevenly or ride down, but today was trying on my new jaeger coat to alter sleeves, as short arms anyway, and realised there was a difference in comfortable length of turn back - checked in mirror and it's so obvious, just to confirm I got DS to measure me, it's actually 2.5 inches
That would explain it

Tate15 Sun 10-Jan-16 21:43:47

I was in a car crash when I was 18 and suffered whiplash. Back then they stuck you in a rigid neck collar for several weeks.

Years later I got tingling in my arms and legs and other associated neck, shoulder and back problems.

My physiotherapist stood me in front of a full length mirror and it socked me that my right shoulder was a couple of inches lower than my left.

I thought I just had one arm longer than the other!

My neck was put in traction and lifted so it felt like my head as being pulled very slowly upwards from my body. I also did other exercises over a period if time until my posture was corrected.

I still have weakness in lifting things and have to remember not to bow my head/tool when I walk!

Might be worth you doing Pilate's if you think your body might be out of alignment.

AuldAlliance Sun 10-Jan-16 21:51:05

I do, and it causes joint issues in my knees and hips. X-ray showed my spine is quite twisted.
I think it is not unusual, but depending on how big the difference it the consequences are more or less severe.

JaceLancs Sun 10-Jan-16 23:15:26

After I posted I thought about it more and I have had surgery on one shoulder joint do that could have caused it
Currently trying to avoid same op on other side as it took 5 years to get back to full range of movements
Pilates is worth considering though

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