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what to wear with grey chinos?

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dudsville Sun 10-Jan-16 13:18:55

Are they still called chinos?

Mine are fitted rather than baggy, with smooth rather than pleated pockets, and I can either wear them down to my ankle or with a fold up. They fit me well and are comfortable but I don't know how to wear them so whenever I try them (in the morning rush to work) I end up taking them off. Usually the outfit I change them for goes well with skinny cords.

It's raining here so I have time to give my wardrobe some thought. So, how do I dress chinos? And is pinterest always safe? I had a look there but didn't know how I would be able to tell old photos from new!

mummington7 Sun 10-Jan-16 13:53:46

I would put them with a classic fitted shirt, black or white and let the trousers be the statement. Alternatively, a plain white top or vest with a short cardi or jacket. A different shade of grey could work eg polo neck esp. in a contrasting fabric e.g wool, fine knit. A pair of clumpy leather brogues with fold up. I think shades of grey look amazing with chunky silver jewellery. Hope this helps sorry no pics!

Mominatrix Sun 10-Jan-16 14:14:18

How about a chunky polo neck in white or black with mid heel shoes r loafer/brogues?

Or, a white button down with a bright pink jumper on top, black brogues

Or, a white/cream collarless silk shirt with a "shrunken" (cropped, or smaller proportioned) blazer on top, midi heels

dudsville Sun 10-Jan-16 19:29:38

Ok, not only are those very helpful ideas but I actually own some of the suggestions - woohoo! I just wasn't pairing the right things together. Whenever I'd put them on I was making myself look ... somehow exceptionally boring and yet quite 80's at the same time. Thank you both!

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